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Cheat codes for Batman

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Batman Defeat Any Vehicle Level
There is an easy way to defeat any vehicle level. Simply stay to the top-left and no enemies can harm you in the car chase, Batplane or the Final Round. The bosses can be easialy defeated up too!

Batman Extra Lives on Level 3
In level 3, at the far right end of the museum's first level is a 1-Up; grab it and jump onto the rising platforms. When you reach the third platform or the screen starts to scroll up, jump back down and the 1-Up should be there again.

Batman Extra Lives on Level 5
Play the fifth level until you get to the second platform at the top. Now walk off the left side and fall in a straight line. You'll pick up three 1-Ups and lose one life.

Batman Level Skip
While playing on any level, press START and then press A, B, DOWN, A, B DOWN, LEFT, UP, C.

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