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Cheat codes for Batman Forever

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Batman Forever Blueprints
Here are three special moves for your crimebusting pleasure:
Blueprint Move SequenceHoming Batarangs Down, Towards, BBat Cuffs Towards, Towards, CRocket Boots Towards, B, Towards, CHolographic Decoy Hold Down and press A repeatedly

Batman Forever Extra Life
When hit, Pause the game and press Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Up, Down, Down, Left.

Batman Forever Level 1 Shortcut
When you first start the game, stand near the door, use your grapling hook and shoot up. Here you'll find a secret room with health and a door that will get you out of the first level quicker.

Batman Forever Secret Area (Final Level, First Stage)
To unlock the secret area, kill all of the tugs except the last one, Riddler, in the first stage of the final level. Give Riddler a (high) sitting punch towards the cables on the extreme right-hand corner of the playing field and a secret area will open beneath you.

Batman Forever Cheat Menu
To unlock the hidden cheat menu, highlight the words "Play Game" at the main menu. Then press LEFT, UP, LEFT, LEFT, A and B.

Batman Forever Batman's/Robin's Gadgets
Due to repeated requests we are posting this list for those of you who have lost your instruction books:
T=Toward, D=Down, Aw=Away, A=A, B=B, C=C, and S=Start.
  1. Standard:
    • Batarang:D,T,A
    • Grappling Hook:hit A and B at the same time
    • Sonic Pulse Globe:D,T,C
  2. Option List 1:
    • Cape Morph:S,C,S,C
    • Flash Pellet:T,A,T,A
    • Gas:T,T,Aw,A*
    • Smoke Pellet:T,D,B
  3. Option List 2:
    • Bat Bola:D,D,D,A
    • Electric Pellet:T,D,C
    • Force Wall:D,D,D,B
    • Slippery Goo:T,T,Aw,B*
    • Sticky Goo:T,T,Aw,C*

  1. Standard:
    • Batarang:D,T,A
    • Extending Staff:hit A and B at the same time
    • Staff Charges:D,T,C
    • Electro Shield:S,C,S,C
    • Smoke Pellet:T,D,B
    • Sonic Blast:T,T,Aw,A*
    • Tranquilizer Darts:T,D,C
  2. Option List 2:
    • Bat Bola:D,D,D,B
    • Electro Staff Prod:T,A,T,A,
    • Heat Gadget:T,T,A,C*
    • Slippery Goo:T,T,Aw,B*
    • Wrist Rivets:T,D,A
*These gadgets can only be used when an enemy is nearby.

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