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Cheat codes for Battletoads

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Battletoads Level Warps
Looking for an easy out? Nothing in life is free, but you can catch a break with these level warps.
  • Warp to Level 3: To do this trick you must be very quick! In the beginning of the first level, head-butt the two pigs that appear and then quickly run over to the first platform on the right. Jump onto the platform and there will be a glowing warp. Move into the warp and you'll get a screen that tells you that you can advance two levels! Make sure that you are fast or the warp will disappear.
  • Warp to Surfboard Stage: On level three, crash into the 10th wall in the fifth race. This will warp you to the Surfboard stage.
  • Warp to Elevator Level: In the second part of the snake pit ride the first snake until it turns right, then run and jump off. If you don't hit the spikes you should land by a warp that takes you to the elevator level.

Battletoads Mega Jump
At the title screen press Up, Up, Down, Left, Right, B, Start.

Battletoads Extra Life on Level 2
To get an extra life in the 2nd level hit the birds until you hear a sound. You should now have an extra life.

Battletoads Level Select
To unlock level select mode (and get 10 lives to boot) push UP, DOWN, UP, UP, DOWN, C, A, and B at the title screen.

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