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Cheat codes for Bulls vs. Lakers and the NBA Playoffs

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Bulls vs. Lakers and the NBA Playoffs Take the Bulls to the Playoffs
To play as the Bulls in all the playoff games, use these passwords:
First Round: Game seven vs. Celtics, series tied: WXVBQCVL Second Round: Game Four vs. Cavaliers,Bulls 3-0: WXZBQJBDThird Round: Game Four vs. Knicks,Bulls 3-0: WXXBQ2BKFinals: Game Four vs. Warriors,Bulls 3-0: WXOBTBBC

Bulls vs. Lakers and the NBA Playoffs Passwords
Knicks vs. Lakers: HJOBFBBBKnicks vs. Suns: KLOBFBBBKnicks vs. Warriors: BJOBFBBBBulls vs. Jazz: NXOBBBBLBulls vs. Lakers: OXOBFBBCBulls vs. Supersonics: MXOBFBBBSpurs vs. Bucks: BGOBFBBDSpurs vs. Bulls: FGOBFBBBSpurs vs. Hawks: HGOBFBBCSupersonics vs. Bucks: BQOBFBBDSupersonics vs. 76ers: MQOBFBBCLakers vs. Bucks: BLOBFBBFLakers vs. Bulls: CLOBFBBC76ers vs. Warriors: 28OBFBBB76ers vs. Blazers: 78OBFBBB76ers vs. Suns: 68OBFBBBJazz vs. Pistons: LVOBFBBFJazz vs. Hawks: MVOBFBBCJazz vs. Bucks: WVOBFBBCBucks vs. Suns: HDOBFBBBBucks vs. Blazers: CDOBFBBBBucks vs. Spurs: FDOBFBBBSuns vs. 76ers: PZOBFBBBSuns vs. Celtics: LZOBFBBDSuns vs. Rockets: FZOBFBBBCeltics vs. Blazers: HNOBFBBBCeltics vs. Warriors: BNOBFBBCCeltics vs. Rockets: MNOBFBBBPacers vs. Supersonics: NOOBFBBBPacers vs. Lakers: COOBFBBBPacers vs. Rockets: GOOBFBBBHawks vs. Spurs: 24OBFBBCHawks vs. Rockets: 64OBFBBCRockets vs. Hawks: M2OBFBBCRockets vs. Pacers: T2OBFBBBRockets vs. Pistons: Q2OBFBBBPistons vs. Supersonics: NSOBFBBBPistons vs. Jazz: 1SOBFBBBPistons vs. Blazers: 7SOBFBBBWarriors vs. Bucks: P6WBBBBCWarriors vs. 76ers: 560BFBBBWarriors vs. Hawks: M60BFBBCBlazers vs. Bulls: KBOBFBBBBlazers vs. Celtics: 7BOBFBBCBlazers vs. 76ers: MBOBFBBC

Bulls vs. Lakers and the NBA Playoffs Hint: Easier One Player Game
Press C at the team statistics screen to display the CPU's statistics. Transfer the lowest ranked players into the CPU lineup. After gameplay begins, the CPU will replace these players with its best players. Repeat the same procedure between quarters or during a substitution to put the lowest ranked players back in the CPU lineup.

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