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Cheat codes for F-22 Interceptor

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F-22 Interceptor Harder Game
For a real challenge, enter the password "GPRJCM". You'll face an aerial onslaught of F-22's, KC-135's and MIGs.

F-22 Interceptor Options
While playing, press B + C for a new Option screen. From here you can select unlimited firepower, invincibility, automatic targeting, and more!

F-22 Interceptor Passwords
Take to the skies with this set of passwords.
Mission PasswordIraq GT8C4AUSA 6O0A4AKorea BH0B8KRussia KS6A49

F-22 Interceptor Veteran Aces
To access the Veteran Aces, enter the password "MGGIGJ".

F-22 Interceptor Cheat Menu
Enter the password "GTGAUO". Now land your plane for a surprise. After that, hit b+c at the same time and it will takeyou to a screen at the top of that page. Some words will be highlightedbring the green highlight down to where it says unlimited ammo. There are afew more cheats also make it so you see a little x beside it and you willhave those cheats.

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