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Cheat codes for Gaiares

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Gaiares Invincibility
Pause the game, then hold A and C while pressing LEFT. The screen will freeze. Unpause the game, and you'll be invincible until you finish that level. You can repeat this trick on each level.

Gaiares Level Select
From the title screen, go to Configuration Mode by holding any button and pressing START. Set B.G.M. to 18. Now press and hold A on Controller Two and exit the Configuration Mode. A Stage Select screen will appear when the game begins.

Gaiares Secret Level
Fire the TOZ 128 times to access a bonus level.

Gaiares T-Blaster Weapon
Fire the TOZ six times before capturing an enemy. You will receive the T-Blaster weapon when you capture your next enemy.

Gaiares Weapon Power Up
Enter the Level Select mode. After starting, pause the game, hold UP, and press A twice. Unpause the game, and fire the TOZ for full power.

Gaiares Weapon Select
Enter the Level Select mode. After starting, pause the game and hold UP and press A to select your weapon.

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