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Cheat codes for QuackShot Starring Donald Duck

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QuackShot Starring Donald Duck Extra Lives
To earn as many lives as you'd like, beat the Translyvania level. After placing the flag, summon the airplane and select Transylvania again. Find the extra life hidden under the first stack of barrels. To find the other life, jump into the water then go all the way to the end. When you've found both of them, return to the entrance and leave the castle. You many now re-enter the castle and collect another extra life. Repeat as needed.

QuackShot Starring Donald Duck Temper Tantrum
When Donald eats a pepper, pause the game and press Up, Up, Up, Up, Down. Unpause the game and Donald will lose his temper.

QuackShot Starring Donald Duck Path though the maze
Follow this order and you will make it to the tiger in the maze level: 1, 5, 4, 4, 2, 6

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