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Cheat codes for Tron Deadly Discs

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Tron Deadly Discs Move and Shoot Simultaneously
Use controller one to shoot discs while using the D-pad on controller two to move or vice versa.

Tron Deadly Discs Infinite scoring
You can do this with any attackers, though it is preferable with theslowest (purple) ones.
Whenever you get a purple attacker, don't kill him. When you have threepurple attackers, go to the bottom right corner of the playing area andenter block mode to break discs. (Bottom left might work too, but I likethe right side better.)
With a little practice, you will find the place where you can protectyourself from all attacks by breakings discs. Just keep breaking discs; donot kill anything. If you do and your score is above 1M, the replacementattacker will kill you since they only have to touch you.
It is better to have purple attackers because their shots are slower thanany others'.
It is kind of boring, but you can break discs forever and rack up whateverscore you want. At least until your Intellivision dies or the power goes out.

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