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Cheat codes for Alien vs. Predator

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Alien vs. Predator Debug Mode
Select a character and begin a game. Press Pause, Option, 6, 1 + 3, B, A, 9, A, 9, A, *, Option, 6, #, *, *, Option, 2, Option. The Predator will laugh to confirm the trick. To use it, hold Option and enter any of the sequences below.
Next Floor APrevious Floor BGod Mode 5
As the Marine:
Shotgun 1M14-A Pulse Rifle 2Flame Thrower 3Smart Gun 4Refill Ammo 1+2+3+4 (simultaneously)Motion Tracker 8Raise Security Level 6Lower Security Level 9
As the Predator:
Combi Stick 1Shoulder Cannon 2Smart Disc 3Wrist Blade 4
As the Alien:
Tail Attack 1Claw Attack 2Extending Mouth 3

Alien vs. Predator Frozen Queen
Need some help with the Alien Queen? When you get to the Queen's lair save the game at the entrance, then reload. The Queen will be frozen in place and can be damaged. If you've hit her enough, she'll die when you enter the lair.

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