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Cheat codes for Doom

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Doom All Weapons and Keys
To get all the weapons, 500 bullets for each weapon, all the keys, and 200 percent armor, simultaneously press Pause + # while playing. Press Pause again to resume play.

Doom God Mode
For invincibility and all weapons, pause the game and press 94749210.

Doom Invincibility
To become invincible, press Pause + * while playing, then press Pause to resume play. Enter this code again to deactive it.

Doom Level Select
During regular game play, simultaneously press Pause and the corresponding button(s):

Levels 1-9: Press Pause + 1 to 9
Level 10: Press Pause + A
Levels 11-19: Press Pause + A + 1 to 9
Level 20: Press Pause + B
Levels 21-24: Press Pause + B + 1 to 4
You cannot go beyond level 24. Trying to do so may lock up your game.

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