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Cheat codes for Iron Soldier 2

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Iron Soldier 2 Cheat Codes
Enter these codes at the Options screen by using the numeric pad on your controller. The game will goreturn to the main menu if the code worked.
Code Effect52620481 Enables all missions and weapons14882502 Unlimited Ammo34495220716 Force "Game Over" by pushing "*". Force "Mission Failed" by pushing "0". Force "Mission Complete" by pushing "#"83055726 Unlimited Energy (invincible)970023866541 MEGACHEAT!!!! All of the above cheats will become active!6824 Enable INSANE difficulty7289766 Play as that 2 legged small mech (Satyr?). You will walk 3X faster than an IS!72449801 Show the ending when you select "Start Game" from the main menu

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