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Cheat codes for Blue Lightning

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Blue Lightning Bonus points
For bonus points, hit your afterburners as you enter the canyons on level BELL. The Gutsy Bonus will give you 30,000 points ("You've got guts!"). When you're in the canyons fire your afterburners for 65,000 poins (Lunatic Bonus) "You're crazy!!" The points are added when you land. If you do both, it will only display the Lunatic Bonus, but you get points for both.

Blue Lightning Landing upside-down
How About an Upside-Down Landing? In Level 6, you land and take-off from air strips. Try doing a barrel-roll (Pressing Option 2 and turn left or right), and then hold the plane upside-down, while pressing Up over and airstrip (to land). You will then land upside-down, the cockpit opens from the fuel tank, and you take off backwards!

Blue Lightning Passwords
Fly into the blue with this complete set of mission codes.Code Mission No. Code Mission No.AAAA 1 LOCK 6PLAN 2 HAND 7ALFA 3 FLEA 8BELL 4 LIFE 9NINE 5

Blue Lightning Mysterious Sky Runways
There are two strange runways in the sky at about the middle of this level. To find them, take your jet up to it's highest possible altitude, after take-off, and fly there until you come to an area where the clouds part and the sky is clear. Now, move your jet down just a little and sooner or later, two floating runways will appear. There is no way of landing on these, their just for looking at. They are a glitch that was accidentally left in the game.

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