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Cheat codes for Gauntlet: The Third Encounter

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Gauntlet: The Third Encounter Solving the Plant Problem in the Last level
  1. Take the first plant in the second group of plants. It will spit you out of another plant.
  2. Escape from this plant and take the top plant of the four. This will spit you out between two more plants.
  3. Take the left-most plant and get the Star Gem! Immediately give it to Noj and all the robots turn to gold.

Gauntlet: The Third Encounter Levels and Their Creatures
The following is a description of the levels and the creatures you'll encounter.
1. Scorpions! There's hundreds of them! Run away!
2. Ghosts! Spook City!
3. Ghosts, Scorpions & Monks, oh my!
4. Frogs! Oh, you've got them hopping mad now!
5. Beetles, Spiders, Ghosts, Scorpions & Frogs
6. Land Sharks, Rolling Boulders, Spiders, Beetles & Ghosts
7. Beetles! Their waiting for ya'!
8. Scorpions & Ghosts
9. Walking Cacti, Audrey II Plants & Slime Creatures
10. Spiders, Land Sharks & Rolling Boulders
11. Scorpions! You'll wish you never came this far!
12. Slime Creatures, Spiders, Ghosts, Land Sharks, Rolling Boulders, Falling Stalactites, Audrey II Plants & Frogs
13. Land Sharks by the pound!
14. Slime Creatures, Spiders, Frogs & Audrey II Plants
15. Spiders, Ghosts, Beetles & Scorpions
16. Ghosts, Spiders, Slime Creatures & Scorpions
17. Ghosts, Spiders, Scorpions, Land Sharks & Slime Creatures
18. Scorpions, Ghosts, Spiders, Audrey II Plants, Slime Creatures, Falling Stalactites, Monks & Land Sharks
19. Frogs, Ghosts, Scorpions & Spiders
20. Slimes, Frogs, Walking Cacti & Monks
21. Spiders! Oh god, all those legs!
22. Spiders, Rolling Boulders, Frogs, Beetles, Scorpions, Ghosts & Monks
23. Monks! Church was never like this!
24. Frogs, Spiders, Beetles & Monks
25. Ghosts, Land Sharks, Spiders, Rolling Boulders & Audrey II Plants
26. Slime Creatures, Walking Cacti, Beetles, Spiders, Frogs, Audrey II Plants & Land Sharks
27. Scorpions, Ghosts, Falling Stalactites, Audrey II Plants, Slime Creatures, Rolling Boulders & Land Sharks
28. Slime Creatures, Ghosts, Scorpions, Rolling Boulders, Land Sharks & Falling Stalactites
29. Audrey II Plants, Walking Cacti, Scorpions & Rolling Boulders
30. Rolling Boulders, Land Sharks, Slime Creatures & Scorpions
31. Ghosts & Slime Creatures
32. Slime Creatures Galore! What a mess!
33. Ghosts, Spiders, Scorpions & Frogs
34. Slime Creatures, Beetles & Audrey II Plants
35. Ghosts & Audrey II Plants
36. Ghosts, Spiders, Scorpions, Frogs & Stormtroopers
37. Stormtroopers! Darth Vader would be proud of these soldiers!
38. Scorpions, Giant Floating Beachballs, Destroyer Mines, Spiders & Stormtroopers
39. Stormtroopers, Destroyer Mines, Giant Floating Beachballs, Giant Floating Colored Blocks, Nodj's Dragonship & Monks by the dozens!
40. Audrey II Plants, Monks & Stormtroopers-A-la-Plenty!
41. Nodj flies away in his little personal aircraft. Bye! Bye!

Gauntlet: The Third Encounter Level Select
To start on any level, choose a character and start a new game, but do not move. Press Option 1 to warp to level 5. Press it again to warp to level 10, 15, or 20.

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