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Lynx Casino Casino Converstaions
In order of conversational logic.
  • Say there son, move back a bit.
  • Get offa me, the crowd can't see!
  • I'd like to do one for my fans...
  • Viva Las Vegas!!!
  • Big Love, Big Heartache.
  • I'm a hunka' hunka' burnin' love.
  • Blue, Blue, Blue Suede Shoes...
  • Aaaaain't nuthin' but a hownd dog!
  • Wanna be in my next movie??
  • I like to shop in Michigan malls.
  • Fast cars and fast food...
  • This is my real hair?
  • Is someone calling me?
  • Time to return to my spaceship.
  • Do I look very depressed?
  • Have you been winning here??
  • It's just not fair....
  • Pat Quinn told me not to...
  • ... I thought I hadda' ...
  • All I needed was one more seven...
  • Maybe If I'd taken one more card?
  • You call this having fun?
  • Steve Szpytek warned me about this.
  • Next time I'll set a budget.
  • This table understands me...
  • I should have stayed home.
  • Maybe my luck has changed..
  • Oooohhh, I need aspirin.
  • This is the greatest!!!
  • Better than Moose Lodge 101.
  • Best convention ever!!!
  • Much better than McCormick Place.
  • Have you seen the Atari booth?
  • Wanna see my secret handshake?
  • Where is your hat???
  • What did your barber do to ya?
  • Where is the waitress???
  • They don't like counters here.
  • Steve Ryno can sure play slots!
  • Can you always win? Always??
  • Can you lend me some dough?
  • Can't seem to find a taxi...
  • Isn't bungee jumpin' hazardous?
  • So many games, so little time.
  • Where can I convert some yen?
  • Have you photo'd the volcano yet?
  • Very picturesque...
  • I'm going to need some film.
  • Do you like the Mariners???
  • Godzilla vs. Mothra is the best!
  • Bambi meets Godzilla was good.
  • Are you interested in HDTV??
  • Is George Bush feeling better???
  • Does sushi mean 'dead fish'??
  • Do you own a Harley-Davidson?
  • Who is Sergio Leone???
  • Atari, Atari, Atari Forever!!
  • How do you get to Caesers??
  • Casinos are sooo exciting!
  • I'm just naturally friendly.
  • Yes, I do come here often.
  • These shoes are killing me!
  • Aren't you a bit young to be here?
  • Are there pit bulls in here?
  • I can't decide what to play next.
  • I'd like to try some slots.
  • Roulette is the game for me.
  • Who is this Robb Mariani?
  • Louis is just wonderful!
  • Cliff Falls has the best voice!
  • I just love Scrapyard Dog!
  • Do you see a clock anywhere?
  • Howdy pardner!
  • Whhooo doggy! I love casinos!!
  • Darn right I'm from Texas!!!
  • I been lookin' for a new Eastwood.
  • Hang 'Em High, son!!!
  • Jumpin' Jehosafat, A Blackjack!
  • Keep an eye on these shifty dealers.
  • Home, Home on the range...
  • I'd vote for Schwartzkopf!!!
  • What a Ren & Stimpey look like?
  • Excuse me, are you the Wadester?
  • Oil ain't everything, son.
  • What say we round up some fillies?
  • Let's go get some prime rib.
  • Can ya' steer me toward the circus?
  • Can I help you young man?
  • Ehhh??? What's that???
  • Speak up!!
  • You really ought to speak up.
  • Hmmmmm... Hmmmmm... Hmmmmm...
  • What's that you say???
  • Are you Larry Siegel???
  • Where is Craig Erickson?
  • Where is Robert Urich now?
  • Do I hear Elvis singing?
  • My joints tell me it's going to rain.
  • How fast can a Jaguar go?
  • Which is faster, Viper or SR1 Turbo?
  • Such a nice young man.
  • Which way to Bally's???

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