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Cheat codes for Scrapyard Dog

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Scrapyard Dog Free Shields
You can get free shields at the beginning of any level. To do this, the TIME and LEVEL NUMBER have to be odd and even. For example, to get a FREE shield at the start of the game, wait till the timer clicks down to 299. Then, press PAUSE and push the B button. The words 'SHIELD AWARDED' will appear at the bottom of the screen. Only one shield will be awarded on each level.

Scrapyard Dog Level Warps
Along your journey through the game, you might come across little red doors that appear when you face or push down on something or knock on a door. These doors will warp you to higher levels. But to get them open, you have to be in your shrunken form. Luckily, near each warp door is a spot that will shrink you. Here are all the warp doors and their shrink areas.
  • Shrink Area #1: Is in JUNKYARD/ Level 2, the stack of old tires. You'll have to play the CAN GAME to become small.
  • Warp Door #1: Is in JUNKYARD/ Level 2, next to the building marked OFFICE near the end of the level. Stand on the toilet to the left of the OFFICE, face left and push down. The door will appear. It will warp you to the FOREST.
  • Shrink Area #2: Is in JUNKYARD/ Level 4, in the middle of the second tree. This is the tree with hubcaps all over it. Jump up to find the shrink area.
  • Warp Door #2: Is in JUNKYARD/ Level 4, on the small cloud above the white cat on the blue barrel. To make it appear, stand in front of the tree beneath the cloud and face it. The door will appear on the cloud. It will warp you to the MOUNTAINS. NOTE: To evade the dog gunman on the junkhill, jump diagonally up the right side of the trash mound. Then run back down again until he disappears off the the side of the screen.
  • Shrink Area #3: Is in CITY/ Level 1, in the bottom window of the third building. There is an ice cream cone sign above and to the left of the window. Face the window and push up on the joy pad to be shrunken.
  • Warp Door #3: Is in CITY/ Level 1, in the second building above the grey door. This is the building with the ice cream cone sign. To make the door appear, face the grey door and knock on it. The warp door will appear on the ledge above it. The door warps you to the DESERT.
  • Shrink Area #4: Is in FOREST/ Level 1, in the first hole of the first log along the path. Push down to shrink yourself.
  • Warp Door #4: Is in FOREST/ Level 1, in the first tree on the right branch. This is the tree with the snake on the branch. Push down on the tree stump to the right of the tree to make the door appear on the branch above. It will warp you to ICE WORLD. NOTE: To evade the snake on the ground, jump over it and run forward until it is off the side of the screen. To make the snake on the branch disappear, go into the shop and come out again. It will be gone.

Scrapyard Dog Helpful Hints
  • Remember, there are lots of hidden rooms scattered throughout the game. A few of them can only be entered in your shrunken form. For example, in FOREST/Level 1, you can enter the left end of the first log only in your shrunken form.
  • Don't give up in the MUSIC ROOMS. Keep trying at the keys. If you get the tune right, there's usually a worthy reward.
  • Ice guns are only good in the ICE WORLD. Anywhere else, it's a waste.
  • Don't buy time unless you're really desperate. If you buy it because it's there, your wasting money.
  • Push, press and knock on everything in the game. Objects will be revealed!

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