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Cheat codes for A-10 Cuba

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A-10 Cuba Cheat Codes
To activate a cheat, first enter the Flight Simulator and press [Ctrl] + S. Then enter its corresponding code below.
Cheat CodeGain altitude (+500ft)* [Option] + [Tab]Gain altitude (+1000ft)* [Command] + [Tab]Return to cockpit 6, 1*The ceiling is 20,000ft

A-10 Cuba Literal Control Mode
To direct aircraft with literal control (i.e, "up" is UP and "down" is DOWN), first enter the flight simulator and press [Command] + S. Then, using either the mouse or numeric keypad, direct the aircraft.
Direction Shortcut KeyMove backward* [2]Move down* [1]Move forward* [8]Move left* [4]Move right* [6]Move up* [7]Toggle mouse control X Toggle keypad control* [5]* Numeric Keypad

A-10 Cuba Fly Stealth Bomber
To fly the B2, send the Warthog into a dive (not straight down). Shoot three rockets, barrel roll, and pull out of the dive just before crashing to the ground. If done correctly, you will survive the plummet to earth ? but the shock waves from the resulting explosions will destroy the aircraft. Its replacement is an awesome Stealth Bomber.

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