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Cheat codes for Nanosaur

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Nanosaur Refill jetpack
Double-jump off the face of the mountain with your jetpack. If done correctly, a shield will appear while your pack is being refilled.

Nanosaur Cheat mode
Jump on a Pteranodons and let carry you into the stratosphere. When the ground disappears from view, you will be awarded all weapons with 999 units of ammunition, a full jetpack and shield and 100% health. (Note: Use the jetpack to return to ground level to avoid falling into the lava pools.)

Nanosaur Cheat codes
Enter one of the following codes to activate its corresponding cheat. (Note: Cheats only work on the first level.)
Cheat HotkeyAll weapons [F12] + [F2]Instant victory [F12] + [F4]Refuel jetpack [F12] + [F5]Restore health [F12] + [F1]Shield [F12] + [F3]

Nanosaur Free ride
Find a T-Rex, a low-flying Pterodactyl, or a Tricerotops and jump onto their back. (Note: Stay away from the head or you will die.)

Nanosaur Pass lava safely
You can cross the lava safely by walking along the edge of the surrounding mountains.

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