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Cheat codes for Quake III: Arena

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Quake III: Arena Display console window
Press the tilde key [~] to display the console window.

Quake III: Arena Disable automatic weapons
Type "seta cg_autoswitch 0" at the console window.

Quake III: Arena Select level
Enter "map code" at the console window, where code is the name of a level.
Map Code00: Introduction q3dm001: Arena Gate q3dm102: House of Pain q3dm203: Arena of Death q3dm304: The Place of Many Deaths q3dm405: The Forgotten Place q3dm506: The Camping Grounds q3dm607: Temple of Retribution q3dm708: Brimstone Abbey q3dm809: Hero's Keep q3dm910: The Nameless Place q3dm1011: Deva Station q3dm1112: The Dredwerkz q3dm1213: Lost World q3dm1314: Grim Dungeons q3dm1415: Demon Keep q3dm1516: The Bouncy Map q3dm1617: The Longest Yard q3dm1718: Space Chamber q3dm1819: Apocalypse Void q3dm19
Map Code01: Power Station 0218 q3tourney102: The Proving Grounds q3tourney203: Hell's Gate q3tourney304: Vertical Vengeance q3tourney405: Fatal Instinct q3tourney506: The Very End of You q3tourney6
Map Code01: Dueling Keeps q3ctf102: Troubled Waters q3ctf203: The Stronghold q3ctf304: Space CTF q3ctf4
Secret Levels
Map Code--- test box

Quake III: Arena Enable automatic weapons
Type "seta cg_autoswitch 1" at the console window.

Quake III: Arena View keyboard commands
Push [Tab] at the console window to view the list of available commands.

Quake III: Arena Take screenshots
Press [F11] during game to take a picture of the screen. (Note: Screenshots are in packaged in target format (.TGA) and are placed in the baseq3/screenshots folder. Open files in a graphics program to view screenshots.

Quake III: Arena Third person perspective
Type "/cg_thirdperson 1" at the console window. (Note: Crosshairs are disabled in third-person view.)

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