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Cheat codes for Action Fighter

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Action Fighter Cheat Codes
In the beginning of the game, there is a name entry screen. Using the steps found on page 7 of your ACTION FIGHTER manual, enter the desired special code. You will begin the game with the features associated with that code.
The game will begin with the letters ABC and D already collected.Your vehicle is a car as described on page 3 of the manual.
The game will begin with the player being invincible to enemy bullets.
The game will begin with the player receiving three extra lives after the timer has run out.
The game will begin with the features found in 1 and 2.
The game will begin with features found in 1, 2, and 3. Your vehicle also has all the "extra capabilities" found on page 11 of the manual, these features are usually obtained by docking with the truck.

Action Fighter Playing Tips
To collect the power ups (P's), attack the planes flying in formation. If you collect enough red flags, one of two cats will appear (one cat is yellow, one is spotted black and white. These cats are just part of the graphics. They will do nothing for you, so it's not worth dying trying to get the flags and cats.

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