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Alf All Items
Go to the left (the kitchen). Get the SALAMI first, then jump up and get the CAT. Continue left to the next screen with three doors in it. Enter the first door, and you will be in the children's bedroom. Once in here, press Pause, hold Up + Left and press 1 + 2.Note: In order to get the SPACE SUIT you will need to sell the PEARL.

Alf Helpful Hints
When in the kitchen, jump up and get the CAT. Open therefrigerator (press Button 2) and get the SALAMI. Proceed to the left to the hallway with three doors. Open the middle door and proceed down the stairs. Release the cat and he will kill the rat. Jump and turn the light on and proceed left to the cave.
While going through the cave, beware of rats on the floor and stay on the top as much as possible. Use the Salami to ward off the bats. Hit them when they are at elbow height. At the end of the cave there is a shack containing a GOLD NUGGET worth $50.00.
Work your way out of the cave and go to the street. Beware of the Alien Task Force and the bicycle riders. Notice that only one Alien Task Force member can appear on the screen at a time. Therefore, the best technique for walking the street, is to stay on the sidewalk and allow the Task Force member to follow you closely. Proceed to the general store and buy a KEY for $50.00.
Return to the house with the key and open the closets. One closet contains a killer bug and the other contains a SWIMSUIT. Now go to the living room and go through the door on the right. This door will lead to the lake.
Jump into the lake and proceed down to the bottom. The water is treacherous; try alternating sides while swimming down to avoid the Frogmen floating about. On the way down you will find a TREASURE CHEST with $100.00. At the bottom, you will find a GIANT OYSTER. When the oyster's mouth is open, get the PEARL.
Proceed back up to the surface and return to the store. Sell the PEARL for $200.00 and buy the LADDER (in the General Store) and LANTERN (in the Five & Dime). Return to the cave. Go through the cave, it will be about twice the length as the first time. At the end will be a shack with the FUEL.
Again, work your way out of the cave to the beginning screen. Climb the Trellis to the SCOOTER and press Button 1 to accelerate up into the sky. Proceed up through the various atmospheres, while avoiding the planes, until the spaceport appears. Accelerate the scooter to the top of the screen and release button #1. A shop will appear where the SPACESUIT can be purchased for $100.00.
Continue up through outer space until the moon appears. When the moon appears, avoid the green things and space ships and when his mouth opens, jump in it to receive the REPAIR KIT.

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