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Cheat codes for Bubble Bobble

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Bubble Bobble Level Select
To choose your starting level, enter the password "3V35NLLE".

Bubble Bobble Passwords
Here are two passwords for this addicting game. Does anyone have the rest?Level Password48 IEWABURN100 IE7CB72V

Bubble Bobble Surprise Door
Reset the game and select one player/two player start. When you start playing level 1, bubble the 3 baddies but don't burst them. After awhile they'll turn red. When this happens, bubble them again. Keep doing this even when Baron von Blubba appears. After a while, a door will appear. Enter it for lots of surprises.

Bubble Bobble Extra Lives and All Power-Ups
At the title screen, move the cursor down to Passwords and press Pause, 1, Left, Down, Up, 1, Up, 1, Up. This code will give you extra lives, running shoes, rapid-fire bubbles, fast bubbles and long-range bubbles on all levels, even after your death.

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