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Cheat codes for Choplifter!

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Choplifter! Level Select
On the first title screen press UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, 1. On the second title screen press UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, 2. You will see the words: "SELECT ROUND 1". The numbers will rotate from 1-6. When the desired round number is displayed press Start to begin the game.

Choplifter! Playing Tips
While you are rescuing hostages, on the ground or from a submarine, press up lightly on the Directional Pad just enough to make the hostages turn away from you.
This will stop the Tanks and Gun Boats from coming and you will be able to rescue all of the hostages. If you rescue all of the hostages without killing any of them you will receive a 100,000 point bonus.
When the helicopter is shot, press both buttons and move the Directional Pad up and down. This will enable the hostages to eject out of the helicopter.
ON ROUNDS 1 AND 4, shoot 10 Space Mines and Superman will appear. This will enable the hostages to run faster.
ON ROUNDS 2 AND 5, shoot the Radio Towers on the boats and Jaws will come out of the water.
ON ROUNDS 3 AND 6, enter the caves backwards and the fireballs can't kill you.
ON ROUND 4, for every 16 hostages you rescue, with none being killed, you will be given a special surprise.

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