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Cheat codes for Double Dragon

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Double Dragon Boss Strategies
Mission One: Abobo
Stand still and punch him four times and thenthrow the oil drum at him. Continue until dead.
Mission Two: Jeff
Use your flying kicks, as well as throw the box at him.
Mission Three: Green Abobo
Use a four punch attack coupled with throwing the boulder at him.
Mission Four: Willy
Follow Willy around the screen, punching him endlessly - don't give him a chance to attack. Be very careful of his machine gun bullets.

Double Dragon Climb the Walls
Use two players, go to the corner of the wall, and press up on the Directional Pad.

Double Dragon Fighting Moves
There are several special moves in this game. Here are a few:
  • Roundhouse Kick
    Press button 1 repeatedly.
  • Uppercut Punch
    Press button 2 repeatedly.
  • Head Knee Smash
    After you have placed an enemy in a headlock, press button 1.
  • Shoulder Throw
    After you have placed an enemy in a headlock, press button 2.
  • Leaping Reverse Kick
    Press buttons 1 and 2 simultaneously.
  • Jump Kick
    Press buttons 1 and 2 simultaneously, while holding the Directional Pad either left or right.
  • Elbow SmashPress button 2, while holding the Directional Pad in the opposite direction that you are facing.
  • Head Butt
    Push the Directional Pad left or right twice.

Double Dragon Headlock
Anyone but Abobo can be put into a headlock. Knock the enemy down three times, when he gets up, run up to him, so that you are touching him. Then run back and forth in front of him, and you will automatically put him in a headlock.

Double Dragon Kissing Glitch
On the Last Level, use the Infinite continue trick. In the Last Room beforeJeff, Move up and Down until the enmies on the screen do the same. Continueto move up and down and make your way to the other side of the room. Besure all enemies are off screen. Now press down and fall into the spikes,this will kill you, but with infinite continues no big deal. Keep doing ituntil New enemies appear and repeat till Jeff comes out Defeat Jeff on thevery right side of the screen. Once Defeated you make your way to yourgirl-friend. But... Instead it will either Be an Abobo or Linda. Youproceed to kiss the enemy but in a fairy-tale style the enemy turns intoyour girl-friend. This is a really fun Glitch.

Double Dragon Infinite Credits in Mission 4
At the very beginning of Mission 4, perform 10 leaping reverse kicks (by pressing Button 1 and Button 2 together at the same time) to enable infinite credits.

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