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Cheat codes for Ghouls N Ghosts

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Ghouls 'N Ghosts Chest Tips
Don't open the first chest. Only open the second chest with armor on (you'll get the Golden Armor). The third chest will give you a weapon. Fourth chest - armor (if you need it) or a weapon.

Ghouls 'N Ghosts Slow Motion/Invincibility
Pause the game and hold Button 2. The game will play in slow motion, but you'll be invincible.

Ghouls 'N Ghosts Playing Tips
Here's some useful advice for would-be grave robbers.
  • Sword and Fire Brand: You can't throw them, so they're only at close range. They're quite valuable when powered-up though.
  • Axe: The Axe is nice, as it'll keep cutting thru one or more villians, but its slow firing rate reserves it for use in less populated levels of the game. The magic power-up limits the axe to a short range - but powerful - explosion.
  • Lance: The Lance is great as a long range weapon and is even better when powered up magically.
  • Discus: The Discus is by far the best weapon available - it's faster than the lance, and will "hug" the ground if you duck, making it ideal for fighting on unlevel terrian (which is common in this game). Avoid powering up the discus - it'll be changed into a very close range magic wall which destroys enemies. This means you'll have to wait for them to come to you, instead of hitting them from a safe distance.

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