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Cheat codes for Kenseiden

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Kenseiden Continue
When the screen says "Game Over," press Up, Up, Down, Down, 1 to continue.

Kenseiden Hidden Items
To enter the secret room in the round 2, make your way to the room with the Buddha. Jump up to his head, and press up and then jump. In this room, you will find a Gourd of Life. Once received, exit the room, and proceed left.
When on the Balcony, use the red steps towards the left. Keep moving left to another balcony, enter the door here, and proceed as before to the Buddah's room. Here too, there is a secret room containing a Gourd of Life.
In round four, go up four levels, and in the upper-right hand corner platform, and you will find Kokeshi (a Wooden Doll) on the platform. She will give you one additional life.

Kenseiden Level Select
Before turning on the system, press and hold BUTTONS ONE and TWO. Turn on the system, and continue to hold them down until the Title Screen with the figure appears. Release BUTTONS ONE and TWO, and hold the UPPER LEFT corner and BUTTON ONE. A round select screen will follow.

Kenseiden Playing Tip
This game offers training sessions (Rounds 5, 6, 8, etc.) Use these sessions before you begin to battle the levels. If you are able to get through these, you will not only be ready to fight the Warlocks, but you'll receive a lot of energy, and possibly an additional life!

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