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Cheat codes for Rad Racer

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Rad Racer 3D Mode
While racing, just simply hit the SELECT button and you will then be in 3D Mode.
NOTE: This mode requires red/blue 3D glasses to work properly. If you do not have the 3D glasses, it will just be red and blue intersecting lines.

Rad Racer Continue
At the "Game Over" screen, hold A and press START to continue on the same level.

Rad Racer Level Select
After you choose your car, press B as many times as you want until you reach the stage of your choice. If you want to see the ending, press B 64 times.

Rad Racer Play at Night
On the title screen, press B 8 times. Then hold Up+Right and press Start.

Rad Racer Change Radio Station
During the game, press DOWN on your remote to activate the radio. Once on, keep pressing DOWN to move the dial. Enjoy the great music on the road!

Rad Racer Turbo Boost
To get a turbo boost: while you are playing press up and hold it.

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