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Cheat codes for Aero Gauge

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Aero Gauge Extra Tracks and Vehicles
NOTE: You will need 2 controllers to input this code, and it can be difficult to get the timing right, so if it doesn't work the first time, try again. First turn the game on while you are holding down (on the second controller) R, L, and Z. Keep holding them down throughout the title sequence (preview movie and all). When "Push Start" starts flashing in red, quickly press the D-Pad up and C-Down at the same time. Hold these down for a few seconds and release the buttons at the same time. continue holding L, R, and Z on the second controller and push Start on the first controller. If the code was entered correctly, you should see 2 new courses at the track-select screen and 5 new vehicles to choose from including an N64 controller. Press the R button repeatedly at the vehicle-select screen to change the color of the controller to red, green, blue, black, or yellow.

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