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Cheat codes for BattleTanx

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BattleTanx Better Weapons
To get better weapons in multi-player collect 15 or more of a weapon and press A+B at the same time. You will fire a modified blast of the weapon you fire. This code doesn't work with grenades.

BattleTanx Self-Destruct
To blow up your tank press and hold all four C-buttons. This can be helpful if you want a different tank in Deathmatch.

BattleTanx Area 51 Warp
In the multiplayer Area 51 level there is a UFO. If you shoot the UFO you get this cool gyrating light show. In between the upper left and upper right corners is another UFO. If you blow both of them up and drive into the light show you can warp between the two points.

BattleTanx Place Gun Buddies Behind Walls
First start a game on any mode or level. Next pick up a Gun Buddy. Now back into a indistructable wall and try to lay it. If it dosen't work back up more and try again. Once you've layed it turn around and all you can see of it is the two barrels on the front of the gun. Now when a opponent comes by it will shoot it even though it is behind the wall and the enimie can't shoot through the wall so the enimie can't destroy it.

BattleTanx Shoot lasers from advanced guided missile
When you have more than fifteen guided missiles, select it and press andhold A+B at the same time. If done correctly the missile will be bigger andslower than the normal ones. Then while guiding the advanced missile pressZ to fire lasers from the tip. (You only have a limited amount of lasersthat can be fired. This does not use the lasers that your tank has.)

BattleTanx Manual Camera
In a 2P game with two computers enabled, kill one player quickly. The loser's portion of the screen should be static, but under the control of the analog stick!

BattleTanx Cheat Codes
To activate a cheat, highlight "Input Code" at the Options screen and enter the corresponding code below.
Cheat CodeAll gangs (Campaign mode) LTSLTSGNGSAll weapons PLVRZMInvincibility MSTSRVVInvisibility CRSTLCLRPlague of Frogs FRGZPsychedelic view HVRLStorm Ravens gang WMNRSMRTRStory mode CDPLTToads replace Queen Lords TDZUnlimited ammunition LTSFBLLTSUnlimited lives LVFRVRTrippy mode CNCTHRTM

BattleTanx Passwords
To play on a particular level, highlight "Input Code" at the Options screen and enter its corresponding password.
  • Level 01: Ground Zero -- FRHBMCTNTK
  • Level 02: The Tunnel -- LHTSPMFRGS
  • Level 03: Times Square -- NGLFFPTTFP
  • Level 04: Stranglehold Bridge -- SHPPNRVWGB
  • Level 05: Bonus Level -- MRFFCRTKP
  • Level 06: Heartland -- LPGCVBBJCF
  • Level 07: Lake Shore Drive -- GLWHJCRNLK
  • Level 08: State Street -- KMKJTMHRNS
  • Level 09: Bonus Level -- FLWWFCWNRK
  • Level 10: Armageddon Highway -- WSMBCPVRWS
  • Level 11: Area 51 -- CGJWVRGLNM
  • Level 12: Fremont Street -- KVVLHFHWTB
  • Level 13: Bonus Level -- FCLPJRWTMP
  • Level 14: Crimson Gate -- TMFNJMKJGF
  • Level 15: Warf -- PPJLJHRCVV
  • Level 16: Bonus Level -- LNKNSWKGTH
  • Level 17: Q-Zone -- WMNRSMRTR

BattleTanx Mines, Swarmers, and Lasers
With MINES as your chosen weapon:Press A+B simultaneously and it will lay down all of your mines behind you.
With SWARMERS as your chosen weapon:Press A+B simultaneouly and it will fire all your swarmers in rapidsuccession.
With LASERS as your weapon:Press A+B simultaneously and it will shoot your laser causing a multi ricochet. Note: It will not ricochet off tanks.
This cheat appears to work on every level and against every tank. I think you need the ALL WEAPONS code for this to work correctly.(All weapons code: PLVRZM)

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