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Cheat codes for Iggys Reckin Balls

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Iggy's Reckin' Balls Cheat Codes
Enter these codes on the password screen. To access the Password screen, press R + Z on the title screen.
  • OHMY -- Obnoxious particle FX
  • TOOMUCHFUN -- Puts bouncy physics on your balls.
  • PENCIL -- Pencil sketch view
  • THEUNIVERSE -- All Tracks
  • HAPPYHEADS -- All characters
  • 2TIMES -- Rollerball last twice as long as usual
  • ICEPRINCESS -- Ice platforms
  • GOOEYGOOGOO -- Goo platforms
  • GOOEYICEPRINCESS -- Goo and ice platforms
  • JUMPAROUND -- Level select at pause screen
  • SWOPSHOP -- Adds different accessories to your character
  • GOBABY -- Full turbos
  • TOOMUCHPIE -- Fat Reckin' Balls
  • NONSTOP -- Non-stop roller ball
  • 2ROKTOO -- Use the Turok 2 effects engine
  • ROLFHARRIS -- Pen and ink mode
  • MICROBALLS -- Really tiny guys

Iggy's Reckin' Balls Refill Boost Meter
Tap JUMP while on a boost platform to refill your boost meter.

Iggy's Reckin' Balls Character Unlock
HAPPYHEADS: All Characters (Except Iggy's Girlfriend)

ENTAROADUN: Iggy's girlfriend

Iggy's Reckin' Balls Play as Lizzie
To play as Lizzie, Iggy's girlfriend, you must set the game on hard difficulty and beat all competitors in Iggy's Challenge at Tiki Woods.

Iggy's Reckin' Balls Hear Characters' Voices
At the player select screen go to a character, press left and/or right on the joystick and wait there for a minute (or so) and they will say what the say when they get hit.

Iggy's Reckin' Balls Shortcuts
Ride the Roller: Start grappling. Right after you get of the rollzone climb the platforms and you will see a plunger,but don't hit it, jump over it and there will be another plunger hit it and you will be sent three platforms higher than the first plunger would send you.
Color Wolf INC: Start grappling go up the platforms until you see a plunger drop through the platform and hit the plunger, it will send you to the moving platform right before the finish line.
Roll em' Baby: Start grappling, go up to the part with the four lanes hit the plunger keep going but don't go down the rollzone. Wait there long enough then you will see a platform cominto view grapple it and go around to hit the plunger and before you know it you will be at the finish line.
Skyscraper (Funkville): Start grappling until you get to the first curving platform, but don't go ahead instead grapple down and do a dropswing until you fly up and see a platform. There will be a platform with a plunger. hHit it and it will send you to the confusing part of the level (it's worth it though).
Rip Ride: Start grappling and keep going until you get to the first rollzone now do a jump and turbo over the rollzone now just keep grappling in mid air until you get a platform and continue your way. Or go down the first rollzone into the warp. When you get to the front of the rollzone grapple down and let go and you will fall on the platform with the side ways plunger.

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