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Cheat codes for Nagano Winter Olympics 98

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Nagano Winter Olympics '98 Aerials Tips
When you start down the slope rapidly press A. Once your player hits the ramp he will do the trick that you selected automatically. Keep pressing A until your player reaches the ground then hit the B button to get a perfect landing.

Nagano Winter Olympics '98 Luge & Bob Sled Tip
During the Luge or Bob Sled keep your player to the lower side of the turns. If you go too high you will flip over and be disqualified.

Nagano Winter Olympics '98 Random Names
To choose a random name, start the game as usual and, when selecting your name, go to END without typing anything.

Nagano Winter Olympics '98 Ski on Your Head
In Nagano Winter Olympics you can ski on your head! All you have to do is go to Olympic mode and select Freestyle Aeriels. Then pick any trick. As you go down the hill don't press any button. Wait until you have left the ramp then rapidly tap the B button. When you land your skier will jump forward and land on his head and continue to ski down the hill with his head in the snow.

Nagano Winter Olympics '98 Snowboard Tip
To get a perfect score on this level pick the higher level tricks, then complete the move that appears in the upper right hand corner before your player reaches the edge of the half pipe.
Note: You don't need to control where your player goes on the half pipe; it's automatic.

Nagano Winter Olympics '98 Ski Jump Tips
Before you start the jump hold the control stick back, then press A. When you reach the end of the jump press the control stick forward, then bring it back again to keep your player level in the air. Don't worry about watching the angle meter, keep your eye on the landing bar to the right and hit B when the arrow reaches the green area.
At first, you may not think that the wind is a big factor in your jump. Wind can make you lean sideways, which will slow you down. When you start playing, enter the ski jumping competition. This tip works on both 90 and 120 meter ski jumps. When you enter, notice the wind gauge. If the wind, in any direction, is blowing over 1 mph, retire and go back to try it again. With no wind, you're able to go farther and higher. Just make sure that you push forward right as you go off the end of the jump.

Nagano Winter Olympics '98 Curling Tips
During the match after you or your opponent has thrown the stone, pressing the "Z" button will speed up the process.
If your opponent lands a stone in the target, aim for it during your turn. The opponent's stone will bounce out and yours might even stay in.
When playing against the CPU, you can control the speed of the CPU stone by using A and B like you control your own stone.

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