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Cheat codes for Namco Museum 64

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Namco Museum 64 Galaga - Disarming Enemies
Just as in the arcade game, the Nintendo 64 version has the same cheat. Instage one, allow all enemies to get into formation, the bottom left-handbee is the key to the cheat. Kill all of the other enemies except for him.After eliminating everyone except for him, place your ship in the bottomright hand corner. Allow him to fly around and attempt to bomb you. Afterone pass with him not firing, allow him to pass again and if he is stillnot firing shoot him during this second pass. This will take approximately15 minutes. This will disarm enemies for the rest of the game.

Namco Museum 64 Pole Position - Starting Tip
Here's a cool tip to start a race. When the race starts, start in low gear.Then wait a few seconds until you reach 160k/m or so, then press R tochange to high gear. You will get a nice head start!

Namco Museum 64 Double Galaga ships
Okay when playing galaga wait for one of the birds to do there blue beamattack and fly into it, the your ship will be captured now when that birdstarts to fly down shoot it and not your ship it will come back down andyou will have two ships!

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