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Cheat codes for War Gods

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War Gods Cheat Menu
On the title screen, press (on the d-pad) Right, Right, Right, B, B, A, A. A new entry will appear in the Options screen. Here's a list of functions:
  • Game Timer - Enables/disables the game timer.
  • Easy Fatalities - Pressing HP+LP+HK+LK will trigger any Fatality.
  • Player 1 Skill - Modify amount of damage player one takes.
  • Player 2 Skill - Modify amount of damage player two takes.
  • Level Select - Allows you to always play at the chosen arena.

War Gods Easy Win
All you have to do is throw your opponent. Run at him, throw him, then before he can get up throw him again. This strategy is unblockable and 99% of the time you will have a perfect victory.

War Gods Play as Exor
On the Selection Screen, press (on the d-pad) Left, Down, Down, Right, Left, Up, Left, Up, Right, Down and choose any character.

War Gods Play as Grox
On the Selection Screen, press (on the d-pad) Down, Right, Left, Left, Up, Down, Right, Up, Left, Left then choose any character.

War Gods Random Character Selection
At the character select screen, hold UP and press START to choose a random fighter.

War Gods Unlimited Continues
When "Midway Presents War Gods" appears, press Left-C, Left-C, Right-C, A, B, Top-C, Right-C. Go to Options menu and highlight CONTINUES then press Left on the control pad until "FREEPLAY" appears.

when you are fighting run up to player and thow him and do this reapeaterly
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