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Cheat codes for Yoshis Story

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Yoshi's Story Cheat: Instant Death
Here's a way to instantly kill your Yoshi (we don't know why you'd want to, but perhaps if you get stuck somewhere). Press the Z, L, A and B buttons at the same time and your Yoshi should die no matter how many health petals he has.

Yoshi's Story Cheat: Resurrect Yoshi
Find a white Shy Guy in a level and get him. Complete the level and go to the character select screen for the next level. Select the Shy Guy and he'll resurrect one of your dead Yoshis.

Yoshi's Story Cheat: Invincibility Code
Pause during gameplay. Now hold L and then push A, B, A, C-UP, LEFT. If you did it right a sound will be heard.

Yoshi's Story Unlockable: Black and White
Beat the game with the Black or White Yoshi. When you start a new game you'll be offered the chance to play as Black or White Yoshi for the entire game.

Yoshi's Story Unlockable: Black Yoshis
#1: Go to Bone Dragons Dungeon in Story mode (page 2, board 2.) Go most of the way through the board to the tulips. Go to the tulip to the left of Miss Warp. Stand in front of the tulip and eat it. Fire yourself upward and break out of the egg near the ceiling. Grab the black egg and complete the rest of the board as usual.
#2: Go to Page 2, Stage 4. When the level begins go up through a couple of rooms until you reach the room with the ghost snakes in it. Rapidly jump from snake to snake until you see a floating bubble. Pop this with an egg, grab the black egg and finish the level as usual to get Black Yoshi. This Yoshi is even better than white yoshi as he can eat anything including the black heios who carry the blocks on the final page.
#3: This one is found on page 2, level 1. Find the tulip that turns you into an egg andshoot yourself up. You will land on a platform with a bubble -- pop it and you get the black Yoshi egg. You will be able to select Black Yoshi once you finish the level. Note that you can only have ONE Black Yoshi at the time.
#4: Go to Page 2-3. Go through the level until you find a Help Box that tells you about a "big egg." From there, go to the left and jump on the last floating rock, then jump on the one above that, and shoot the "?" bubble with an egg. You will receive the black egg. Beat the level and you have the black Yoshi. Note that you can only have one black Yoshi at the time.

Yoshi's Story Unlockable: Purple Yoshi
To get the Purple Yoshi, collect all of the heart coins in any level.

Yoshi's Story Hint: Break Bubbles
To break bubbles without using an egg, simply run into them repeatedly.

Yoshi's Story Hint: Shy Guy Colors
To change the color of a Shy Guy, pound the ground next to it.

Yoshi's Story Hint: Mario Paint Song
Go to the Trial Mode screen and wait for the song to play 8 times. A song from Mario Paint will play!

Yoshi's Story Hint: Moving Camera
In the stage select screen, use the C buttons to change the camera angle or press R or Z to zoom in and out.

Yoshi's Story Hint: Yoshi Practice Colors
Tired of a plain old green Yoshi in practice mode? Well, now you can select any of the six default colors (no special colors) of Yoshis in practice! Here's what you do. Enter trial mode and select the color of Yoshi you want. Enter the level, and then quit by pausing and pressing Z and START. Now when you enter practice, you will have a Yoshi of the color you selected in trial mode!

Yoshi's Story Hint: Tiny Eggs!
In the level "Piranha Groove" (4-4), get shrunk. Then, while small, hit an egg block. It will produce an extemely small egg. Pick it up when your still small. When you regain nomal size the egg will stay tiny. But don't worry, a tiny egg still packs the same wallop as a nomal one.

Yoshi's Story Hint: Secret Message!
During every mini-game earn 6 melons or enough to get a Heart Fruit. Eat the Heart Fruit to make a letter appear (it happens in every level.) If you put all the letters in order by the stages you will get a message.

Yoshi's Story Hint: Pass the Bumblebees
When you try to pass under a bee's nest, what happens? You're blocked by the bees. Well, the easy way to pass the bees is to "sniff" the ground as you go to the nest. If you do it quite well, the bees won't think you're harming them, so they'll leave you alone. This is useful in the "Delivery" game in Page 5-2.

Yoshi's Story Hint: Melons from ? Boxes
Here's a crafty way to get melons. Find two ? Crates (Not floating boxes, the yellow, green and blue crates) that are near or next to each other. Now, Sniff-sniff to make sure both are empty. If one is full, break it. If neither are, push them up against each other for a while, and out pops two melons.

Yoshi's Story Hint: Infinite Lives
For infinite lives, reset the game if you die. You'll resume play on the level you died with all Yoshi's you had when you started that level. However, you won't be restored to your last checkpoint.

Yoshi's Story Hint: Heart Fruit Tricks
If you think the only thing that the heart fruit does when you eat it is make you invincible temporarily, you are wrong. Here are some of the other things it can do:
1. It saves you a ton of eggs. If you pound the ground next to a fruit trapped in a bubble when you are invincible, the fruit will break open!
2. It makes your tongue much longer, helpful for getting enemies from a distance.
3. Lastly, if you pound the ground next to a shyguy while you are invincible, the shyguy will turn into fruit!

Yoshi's Story Hint: Eat Blocked-off Fruit
Can't get a fruit or other object because it's behind a wall? Here's what to do... simply shoot your tongue straight up or down, then rotate the analog stick toward the object. Your tongue should be fully extended and pass right through the wall!

Yoshi's Story Hint: White Yoshis
#1: Go to the snow level (Page 3, level 3.) Proceed through the level, going down the pots until you get to a screen where you see the dog yapping at a red pipe you can't get to. Go down the next red pipe you see and you'll find the white egg in a question mark bubble. Grab it and finish the level as normal to get White Yoshi.
#2: Go to The Tall Tower (Page 3, level 2.) Find the second Miss Warp and keep going left of her until you find a question mark bubble. Hit the bubble with an egg and grab the giant egg that falls out of it. Now finish the level as normal. When you start the next level, you will have the option of being White Yoshi.

Yoshi's Story Hint: White Shy Guys
White Shy Guy #1:
In 1-1 go left of second heart; he's in the bubble. In 1-2 go right of the third miss warp; he's in the mystery crate. In 1-3 go right from the melon delivery; he's in a bubble. In 1-4 go past the umbrella. Go down until you come upon 5 blocks. Shoot the one farthest to the left.
White Shy Guy #2:
In 2-1, go down the first vase. After you have gone down it, There should be a wall made out of blue rocks. Blow out all the rocks and then you come to blue rocks on the ground. The one on the bottom holds the white shy guy.
White Shy Guy #3:
In 3-3, go through the level until you come to a fork in the path and each path is leading to a diffrent vase. Go down the path that has a barking dog on it. Go down the vase that the dog is near. you should come out on a path that has two box's with question mark's on them. Ground pound on the first box and a white shy guy shold be in it.
White Shy Guy #4:
In level 4-1, Jungle Hut, look for four blue blocks. Hit the upper left block with an egg. A white shy guy will appear!
NOTE: These tips only work if one of your Yoshi is dead.

Yoshi's Story Hint: Walk On Thin Air
Anytime you see a vase, jump onto it, but don't pull down on the control stick. Slowly walk to the left or right of the vase and for a short time, you can stand or walk on thin air.

Yoshi's Story Hint: Pepper energy
When you are the black/white yoshi,if you eat a pepper you will get more life

Yoshi's Story Hint: Beat Baby Bowser
This is far too easy. The tree to the right of the screen is full of fruit. When you eat a piece it will grow back (around five times per piece.) It also has a heart fruit (invincibility) which will grow back twice.
To start, Bowser will fly about on green ghosts. The easiest way to hit him is to get rid of all of your shells and grab a bomb with your tongue. Throw this and try to hit him with it. After hitting him three times the ghosts will disappear. (If you are injured at all, eat some fruit.) Now he'll jump around the screen. Once again throw bombs, remember that they rebound off walls unlike shells allowing backhits. Another three hits and you've won. Incidently if you have the black and white Yoshi's they'll be in the ending too.

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