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Cheat codes for Asphalt: Urban GT

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Asphalt: Urban GT Cheat: Money
Press LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, B, A, R, L.

Asphalt: Urban GT Unlockable List
  • Win the Urban Performance Cars race: 2005 Corvette C6
  • Win the Urban Sports Cars race: Audi TT
  • Win the V10 Rage race: Evo Kit 1
  • Win all road challenges in Arcade mode: Gamelati 1000 SS Motorcycle
  • Win the Saleen Qualification race: Hummer H2
  • Win the Sport Racing Cars race: Lamborghini Gallardo
  • Win the Ultra Race Cars race: Lamborghini Murcielago
  • Win the Mythical Elanor race: Morgan Aero 8
  • Win the Colossus race: Nissan 350Z
  • Win the GT Championship race: Nissan Skyline GT-R R34
  • Win the Under 500 hp race: Performance Tuning Kit Evo 1
  • Win the Gentlemen Drivers race: Performance Tuning Kit Evo 2
  • Win the V6 Engine race: Sport Tuning Kit Evo 1
  • Win the Chevrolet Fighting race: Sport Tuning Kit Evo 2

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