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Final Fantasy III Hint - Call Me Ninja
In order to acquire the Ninja class -- considered to be the strongest class of them all -- you need to go to Eureka (a sidequest area found in the first floor of Sylx Tower) and go all the way through it. When seeing the last teleport (the one who usually takes you to an area with stores), turn all the way left and you will see a floating staff. By touching it you'll fight Scylla, who gives you this class, when defeated.

Final Fantasy III Glitch - Duplicate Magic Spells
Glitch - Duplicate Magic SpellsJeopardizes saved data on cartridge. Use with discretion. Unverified.

1. Open the menu during "walkabout mode" (i.e., not in a battle).

2. Select Magic and go to any character and select him using the A button. Note that this character, if he or she has magic existing already, may have his spells overwritten if you carry through on this glitch.

3. Go select Trade on the magic menu and highlight a character with the magic you want to duplicate, but do not push the A button. Instead, after highlighting the target character, press the B button to cancel the "trade command".

4. Once back on the first character you chose, select the "Remove" command and move your cursor to the level and space of magic you wish to duplicate from the second character you had highlighted before. You will get the error message, but you are removing the magic that you don't have (duplicated magic).

Submitted by basenji02

Final Fantasy III Glitch - Duplicate Consumable Items
Glitch - Duplicate Consumable ItemsJeopardizes saved data on cartridge. Use with discretion. Unverified.All useable items (not weapons/armors/magic) can be duped using this method, as mentioned,

1. Open the menu during "walkabout mode" (i.e., not in a battle).

2. Select "Items" and put the item you want duplicated in the top left corner of the item list.

3. Engage in a random battle. During battle, select the item command for any character.

4. Your cursor should be at the very top left of the item box (and on the item you have placed there). Press UP and A at the same time. This should briefly take you to Weapon and Shield lists. If you see this, the code has worked after you hit the B button. Go to your inventory and you will notice that the item quantity has been added by one. You may do this for any item that is stackable.

Submitted by basenji02

Final Fantasy III Unlockable DS Secret Dungeon
Unlockable DS Secret DungeonUnverified. DS version has a secret dungeon that is accessed after the following is performed.

1. Send a total 7 emails to another PC (one at a time or several at once) using Mog Net.

2. Send 4 emails using Mog Net to the NPC "The 4 Elderly".

3. Send 4 emails to King Arusu. After reading the fourth email, you'll unlock a quest.

4. Go ride on the airship that can go underwater.

5. Head for the floating island and once it appears on the screen, travel cardinally south.

6. You will eventually see a shadow in the waters. Enter it to enter the submarine cave.

7. You will meet the secret boss. This boss is notorious and mean. It does a total of four attacks per round and uses Meteo.

Submitted by basenji02

Final Fantasy III Unlockable Onion Swordsman

1. Register a communication ID under Mog Net and send emails to another PC 7 times.

2. Send/receive 4 emails from Topapa, and on the fourth one you will receive a message to do a mini-quest.

3. Go to the first town in the game and speak to Topapa.

4. Go to the designated northern cave.

5. At the dungeon, you will have an event and then will fight 3 enemies

6. After the battle, you will obtain a piece of crystal, which will unlock class.

Submitted by basenji02

Final Fantasy III Hint - Easy Win Against Gutsco
At first I had trouble with the boss but here's an easy way.

Go through the dugeon a couple times to get enough exp to make the battle even easier. But a city to the south called "The Village of the Ancients" contains all three level black magics as well as the white magic teleport.

I used three mages : 2 red (Luneth and Ingus) and a black (Arc). I made Refia a Monk. Have your red mages cast healing and ice spells. A monk can retaliate easily with the new claws found in the dungeon. If you keep the black mage casting ice spells as well you'll definetly win in a few rounds.

Another thing you should probably do is move them to the back, especially the black mage and the red mages too, if they have enough high level magic MP.

Final Fantasy III Hint - Level Up Early
In the earlier parts of the game when you are alone and party-less, excessive levelling is much recommended since the level at which your comrades will be introduced to you will highly depend on the level you are in when you meet them.

For example, Fran and Balthier will always be 2 to 4 levels above yours when you get to use them. If you're Lv10 then they can be anywhere from Lv12 to Lv14. This may seem unimportant but it'll soon become evident in the higher levels when each level requires 30K exp and ontop of that experience points from kills are split to each of your party member. These small early foundations can become a godsent farther in the game.

Final Fantasy III Hint - Black Belt and Monk
When you are able to get the job(s) monk and or Blackbelt get them on one of you characters immediately!

Monk and Blackbelt do massive amounts of damage even without weapons. Monks are the early stage but have about the highest vitality early and can do 9,999 as early as lvl 30 in some cases or earlier.

Blackbelts are the upgraded rank of monk but can do much more damage. Monks can boost their attack so on the next turn it can unleash a massive blow. Blackbelt also have super high vitality and agility so they can strike first, strike long, and strike hard.

Final Fantasy III Hint - Ultima Weapon

1. Register someone's ( or more ) friend code on your DS.
2. Send 7 messages to another DS ( faraway or nearby )
3. Send messages to Takka until you get a reply talking about Orichalum.
4. Fix Sara's pendant by sending messages until you get a reply saying that her pendant is broken.
5. Ask Takka to fix it
6. If that doesn't work, go meet the legendary smith. Leave the floating continent and go to northwestern Saronia City. The legendary smith should be near the path leading to the library. If you find the Orichalium (Used to make a Ultima Weapon), she will forge something out of it and give it to you in return for finding the Orichalum 7. Get it fixed and return it to Sara.
8. Send messages to Cid until he replies with a "Something is in the basment.." kind of title.
9. Head to Cid's house in Cannan and talk to Cid. Head down to the basement on the east side of the room, kill Aeon and it should drop Unknown Metal. Talk to Cid and he'll say that it is the legendary metal called, Orihalcum.
10. Do not go to Saronia. Go to Falgbard (City with all the Dark Knights). She should be beside the river in town, so go talk to her and will take your Orichalum and forge it into a weapon called the Ultima Weapon.

Submitted by mik_95torres

Final Fantasy III Hint - Onion Sword
For the Onion Knight, this weapon can be found in the secret dungeon by slaying Red Dragon.

Submitted by mik_95torres

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