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Cheat codes for Harvest Moon DS

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Harvest Moon DS Unlockable GBA Cast
This game can import characters from the GBA Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town and More Friends of Mineral Town. Be sure to boot the DS game with the GBA game carts (one at a time) inserted in the DS' GameBoy slot.

Harvest Moon DS Unlock Casino
To unlock the CTo unlock the Casino you must rescue the following sprites:

Roller - On 8 Spring, walk towards Vesta's farm, crossing the bridge who runs the Medal Exchange.

And any one of the following:

Press A in front of the well next to the Blue Bar for Hops who runs the Poker Table.

Press A in front of the stove to the left of the Inner Inn for Tep, who runs the Blackjack Table.

Press A in front of the fountain in Romana's Courtyard for Jum, who runs the Memory Game Table.

If you find all three, you can play all three games, but finding just one of the games will open the casino (albeit a sad looking one).

Submitted by faith_ragnarok
Corrections by Freyashawk

Harvest Moon DS Hint - Money Making Scheme For Upstarts
Early on, you can use a really "quick" way of making money that does not take much energy or in-game time (although it may take quite a bit of real time). Just enter the Excavation Site and before you do anything further, save your game inside.

Proceed to dig for jewelry but do not save your game again. Instead, simply note the map cells where you found the jewelry by digging up the whole place. Go reload your last save and go directly to the spots where you found the jewelry pieces before and dig only those squares. Save your new found riches, and reset the Excavation Site by exitting and re-entering the map.

You can loop the exploit -- the interred jewelry will randomized upon entry to the Excavation Site (note leaving a mine and then going back won't do; you need to exit completely to the 'outside'). You can repeat this as long as you want (or as long as your dude's energy holds out). While not helpful when other avenues of revenue are available, you will find this quite helpful early on in starting up your place.

Harvest Moon DS Unlock The Shopping Network
Unlock the Shopping Network by ordering items for 10 days from Karen's Supermarket. Doing this will rescue the Sprite who controls the Channel.

Harvest Moon DS Clear All Monsters On Mine Floor
This is a simple way to clear ALL monsters that are on the floor you are currently on. You merely need to save your game once inside the floor you wish cleared, then proceed to shut your DS off. Turn it back on and load your save game, and voila! All of the monsters on that floor have been defeated and you can continue to mine without any pests. Of course on the next floor you proceed to there will be another new set of monsters, but you may repeat the process if you want.

Submitted by Dillbert00

When you first reach any floor of the Mine, if you did not go too far (in falling), save your game immediately. Defeat all the Dark Creatures and save again. Now, smash all rocks and uncover all squares with your hoe to find special items, but DO NOT SAVE.

When you find any special item, reload your game without saving and go directly to the location of the special item and collect it. Now save your game. Do this again and again until all special items on the floor are found.

WARNING: Always save your game on any floor of the mine before you move at all, as you may fall through a hole in the floor and go too far. Do not walk in the mine if your energy level is at zero. If you fall through a hole, you will pass out as soon as you reach the next floor. It's another reason to save your game immediately.

Submitted by Freyashawk

Harvest Moon DS Hint - Weather Control
You can cheat the weather in this game in the same way as you do in FoMT/MFoMT. Simply save your game before you go to bed. When you awaken in the morning, watch the Weather Channel immediately.

If a hurricane or snowstorm is predicted for the next day, reload without saving. It is useful always to save your game before you go to bed at night. Although most Events will occur on sunny days, there are a few that actually require rain. You can control the weather here as in other Harvest Moon games by reloading until you obtain the result you desire.

Submitted by superhumanant
Verified by Freyashawk

Harvest Moon DS Hint - Brush Bonus
Have the rucksack open on the bottom screen. Not only have the brush and glove equipped, but the slot in your rucksack immediately next to the equipped tool space should be either the milker or the shears. When you have a sheep ready to be shorn or a cow ready to be milked, wash with the brush and touch glove BEFORE milking or shearing, and before petting.

Now wash your animal. When done, use your STYLUS to hit the BACK key. With your stylus, quickly move the milker or shears to the equipped spot. 7 out of 10 times I have done this, there is now either wool or milk in my hands, and then I have still been allowed to shear my sheep or milk my cow and get double product from the animal for that day.

Submitted by moonbeem3000 (Erika Martin)

Harvest Moon DS Hint - Fast Mining (Cursed Tools)
When mining for Cursed Tools or Accessories, control your fall. Uncover the hole, then save. Reload if you fall too far or not far enough. Remember that you can lose 100 Stamina if you fall 100 floors.

When you reach a Floor with Cursed Tool or Accessory, save immediately then find the location of the item and reload. Go to the spot and save before uncovering. Each time you reload, you will get a different item. Choose the one you want before saving the game!

Harvest Moon DS Hint - 100 Milk; It Does A Body Good
Use your milker again and again inside any building, restoring your Energy as necessary with Medicines or food until you reach Level 1 with the Milker, then use it 99 more times in quick succession in order to be able to obtain 99 bottles of milk each time you milk your cow. Not only will this increase your income enormously, but shipping the milk will rescue a number of Sprites!

Submitted by Freyashawk

I want to add that one should pass their milk through the cheese maker to greatly increase their gold. By having 4 cows, and getting 100 milk from each one per day, and converting all that milk to cheese, you will amass over 100,000 gold per day!Correction by West of the West Winds

Harvest Moon DS Hint - Ranching Bonus
Equip your Brush in your tool slot and equip the Touch Glove, and place your milker or shears in the slot next to the tool slot in your Rucksack.  Make certain that your Rucksack is displayed on the screen before you begin to wash your Animal and save your game before you begin.

Wash your animal using the stylus.  When you see the Level Up 'bubble',  hit the back button and quickly switch to the milker or shears. A Level 8 product or higher will fall out of the milker or clippers into your hands.  A Level 8 product or higher will fall out of the milker or clippers into your hands. You then can proceed to milk your cow or shear your sheep as if nothing had occurred to obtain the product you usually obtain.  It is only BEFORE you actually use the milker or clippers that you will obtain the upgraded bonus product. As you progress, the Level of product that you obtain in this fashion will increase.

If you are not quick enough, you will not obtain the bonus product.  If you saved your game before y[16:47] Castleenchanted: you began to wash the animal, you will be able to reload and try again.  You can do this every day with each of your animals including your cows, sheep and your horse.

The product you receive does NOT depend on the animal but on the implement.  In other words, if you have the brush equipped and then switch to the clippers, you will receive an upgraded form of wool even if the animal is a cow or your horse.  Remember that this is a BONUS product.  You still will be able to shear your sheep once each week in the normal fashion and milk each cow daily!

Since wool is more valuable than milk, you may wish to use the clippers in every case.  If you obtain a Level 9 small wool from every animal, it will be worth 900G.  Turn that into yarn, worth 2700G.  Ship that through the Cannery for 4000G.  Remember that you can obtain this bonus wool from every animal, cows and horse included and that you still can milk your cows as usual afterwards.

Extra tip: If you level up your milker inside any building to level 1, then use it 100 more times to level it up to the maximum Level 100, you will obtain 100 small milk EACH time you milk a cow. If you switch the Brush with the Milker using the Ranching Bonus trick, you will obtain 100 upgraded milks from every animal you have!

If you would rather obtain wool, switch the Brush with the Clippers. Van pays a hefty price for any upgraded yarn or you can ship any of the above through the Cannery for 150% profit.

You can use the Bonus Ranching Trick to obtain infinite quantities of milk from one animal in a single day. If you equip the Brush and place the Milker in the slot next to the brush then equip the TouchGlove in your Accessory Slot, as soon as you activate the Brush (by standing in front of the animal and pressing A), press the 'Back' option.

Do not begin to wash the animal. You can do this again and again to obtain product each time. The only reason milk is superior to wool is because, if you have raised the level of your Milker to 99, you can obtain 99 or 100 bottles of milk each time you perform the trick.

Note that your energy will be depleted quickly, so make certain that you restore it if you intend to use the trick again and again on a single animal in one day. Though this means, you will be able to ship enormous quantities of milk even if you own only a single cow. (Remember only that you actually will need to wash the cow after exploiting this bonus if you wish to obtain any affection points for the animal).

Submitted by Freyashawk

get rich quick
simply go into the 1st mine go 2 the bottom of the mine and smash every rock (repeat after) then ship them
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