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Cheat codes for Pac-Pix

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Pac-Pix Unlockable: Arrow Gesture
Complete chapter four.

Pac-Pix Unlockable: Bomb Gesture
Complete chapter eight.

Pac-Pix Hint: Hidden Gestures
  • Butterfly: In Sketch Book Mode, draw an infinity symbol (a sideways-tilted "8").
  • Rain Cloud: In Sketch Book Mode, make a number of short curved lines that form together in a bumpy circle (a small cloud).
  • Snake: In Sketch Book Mode, you can draw a snake by writing the letters "mw" as one continuous lines.
  • Treble Clef: In Sketch Book Mode, draw a line that resembles an ampersand (&).
  • Fire Arrows at Pac-Man: Unlock the Arrow gesture by completing chapter four, and then enter Sketch Book Mode. You can then draw arrows to fire them at Pac-Man.

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