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Cheat codes for Medal of Honor Vanguard

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Medal of Honor Vanguard Hint - Weapon Power-Ups
Weapons can be upgraded in a stage if you find a specific power-up. Although you cannot carry the upgrade from one stage to another, it will benefit your weapons within that stage.

Mission 1 - Weapon Upgrade
Parachute onto the western cliff and look for the upgrade adjacent to the boxes, near the searchlight.

Mission 2 – Weapon Upgrade
Look for this upgrade on the counter of a small building at the entrance of the courtyard.

Mission 6 – Weapon Upgrade
Parachute into the western tower (the one emitting green gas) and look for the upgrade on the top floor.

Mission 10 – Weapon Upgrade
Inside the tunnel after the first 88, the upgrade can be found behind a box at the end of the first corridor.

All Weapons
get fucked
All Weapons
In play, press Ax2,whelse holding B and C
all levels
press start hit up down up down then hit up down up down left right down left up
a women
press 2,1,a,a,b,up,z
get a tank
press up,down,2,c,b,b,up,z
the save cheat
if you have a file that farther then yours youcan save yours to the one thats farther
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