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Cheat codes for Rayman Raving Rabbids

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Rayman Raving Rabbids Unlockable: Gold Cow Trophy
Beat all challenges.

cool looks
if you want to change the look of rayman then when you get thrown into your cell go
to the locker and change your clothes
when you unlock the bunny costume, put on all of it right, and go back to your wardrobe and you will and the mexican suit, idunno what they call it. if you like soccer than put the full bunny suit and mexician, and then when full mexican on, go to your wardrobe and you will be wearing the soccer suit. this should work, if not well messed up. have fun!!! :)
More Costumes
when you have the rock n' roll costume wear the full then go back to your wardrobe and you will have the full dee-jay
beat the game
you say hi
Complete hole game
When you do the task in story mode that u have 2 throw daisy the cowell 60m, throw him 120m (sounds hard, but possible) nd u will have all unlockables nd score mode mini games
have fun!!!:D:S

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