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Cheat codes for F.E.A.R.

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F.E.A.R. Cheat List
During gameplay press T and input the following codes:
god ... Invulnerability.
Ammo ... Stocks player with ammunition.
Guns ... Stocks player with all weapons.
pos ... Gives player's current coordinates.

Submitted by djqtip07
Verified by fecalord2002

armor ... Gives player full armor.
Health ... Restocks player's health.1

Submitted by djqtip07

F.E.A.R. Cheats Set 2
armor - full armor
health - full health
build - shows build version
poltergeist - ghost mode (not target mode)
kfa - all weapons + full ammo, armor & health
gear - increased health and boosted reflexes (as if picking up a health booster and reflex booster each time you enter it)
tears - all weapons + infinite ammo (still need to reload, but otherwise infinite)
gimmegun pistol - pistol
gimmegun dual pistols - dual pistols
gimmegun submachinegun - SMG
gimmegun shotgun - shotgun
gimmegun assault rifle - assault rifle
gimmegun semi-auto rifle - semi-auto rifle
gimmegun nail gun - nailgun
gimmegun cannon - cannon
gimmegun plasma weapon - plasma railgun
gimmegun missile launcher - missile launcher
gimmegun frag grenade - frag grenade
gimmegun proximity - trip bomb!
gimmegun remote charge - pipe bomb!
maphole - next level

Submitted by bigboy2k1
Verified by fecalord

F.E.A.R. Glitch - Minigun Via Cheat
Unverified, subject to be patched.

1) Empty your weapons inventory; guns only (not grenades), via the "throw down weapon" button, or by entering "gimmegun turret" in the text dialog for each weapon.

2) Once you are sure you don't have any available weapons, type "gimmegun turret_street" into the text dialog and hit enter.

3) You should then see a "Giving Weapon" confrimation, at which point you should hit the enter key twice in rapid succession, kind of like double clicking with a mouse.

4) The minigun should appear in your empty hands, with unlimited ammo.

*Also* If you attempt to pick up any other weapons you will lose the minigun, and will have to rid yourself of any weapons and reenter the code to get the minigun back.

Crawling through vents that have a grate blocking your exit cannot be broken while the minigun is equipped, and you cannont throw down the minigun, so you have to enter a cheat "gimmegun ----" for a gun to break the grate blocking your path.

F.E.A.R. Easter Egg - Shogo Mobile Armor Division
In the level "Lapdog" There is a part where you have to drop into the vent and pipe area after the gates on the main floor are closed.

When down below, there will be a pipe that ignites to your right. A while later, there will be a valve to shut off the gas to this pipe. Once you have turned off the gas, head back to find a semi-secret walkway.

Proceed dow the walkway, up a ladder, and into a room. Inside will be a health booster, and a radio. Stay tuned after the radio anouncement to hear the theme song to Shogo: Mobile Armor Division

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