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Cheat codes for Halloween Harry

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Halloween Harry God Mode
To gain all weapons and limited invulnerability, press CTRL-R-E-N.

Halloween Harry Level Select
Hold ALT-L and type the episode number (1-4) and level number (1-5). For example: to skipto episode 2, level 3, press ALT-L-2-3.

Halloween Harry Recharge
To recharge your energy (and 0 your score), press B + I + G simultaneously.

Halloween Harry Skip Introduction
To bypass the introduction, add "SKIP" to the command line when starting the game.

Halloween Harry Teleport
To warp to any location in the current level, hold ALT-= and type in coordinates. See the next code for format.

Halloween Harry View Coordinates
To see where you are, press CTRL-ALT-RSHIFT-F12. This is useful if you want to return to this spot later via Teleport.

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