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Cheat codes for Jagged Alliance 2

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Jagged Alliance 2 Cheat List
To play the game with these codes you need the v1.06 patch or later. Hold [Ctrl] and type gabbi at the tactical screen.
  • Abort enemies turn [alt] + [enter]
  • All items and characters visible[alt] + e
  • Damage character under pointer[Alt] + h
  • Kill all enemies in current sector[Alt] + o
  • reload seclected characters weapon[Alt] + r
  • Reload selected characters AP[Alt] + D
  • Teleport character to the point under your cursor[Alt] + t
  • At the map screenteleport squad to the sector under cursor[Ctrl] + T
  • Kill all enemies in sector[Alt] + [auto resolve]
  • At you laptop screen additional $100,000[plus] or [+]
  • minus $10,000 [minus] or [-]
  • force away merc to join force[space] + left click
  • Other (usually tactical screen)100 points of damage to all enemies in sector [Alt] + O
  • Character sits in wheelchair[Alt] + 4
  • Character transforms into monster[Alt} + 5
  • Create new character on map[Alt] + G
  • Mustard gas explosion[Alt] + K
  • Spawn enemy at pointer[Alt] + B
  • Spawn iten(usually a weapon) at pointer[Alt] + I

Jagged Alliance 2 Hint: Enemy Radar
To make a crude radar for detecting enemies you must combine the followingitems:
  • X-Ray Tube + Chewing Gum + FumblePack = X-Ray unit
  • LameBoy + Copper Wire = LCD Display
  • X-Ray Unit + LCD Display = X-Ray Detector
Note: that the Detector uses batteries and I suggest You use someone who is good in electronics and mechanical.

Jagged Alliance 2 Hint: Extended Barrel
This makes your weapon more accurate. Combine: Crazy Glue to Pipe, and then Duct Tape to pipe. Then combine your new prize to a weapon of your choice and it improves the Maximum effective range a bit.

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