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Quake Beat Shub-Niggurath
When you enter the room with Shub-Niggurath you'll see a spiked ball if you play through the level. When it goes through Shub-Niggurath, walk through the teleporter on the walkway.

Quake Hidden Pictures
The Crypt of Decay:
To find the "Dopefish," when you see the exit, turn back go onto the bridge. You should see a quad power-up on a ledge. When you get on the ledge, you will see an extremly small ledge that you can barely walk on. At the end, you can jump into "The Well of Wishes." The Dopefish will be there.
The Underearth
To find the weird picture, find all the faces on the walls and shoot each once. You will know which ones you shot because blood will come out only the first time. When you shoot all of them, look for a hallway with a short opening and a villain on each side. One of them will open to a small room with a picture in it.

Quake Cheat Codes
To use these codes, press '~' while playing to call up the console, then type the desired code.
Code EffectGOD Invincibility toggled on or off.FLY Toggles flightGIVE S# Gain # shellsGIVE H# Gain # healthGIVE N# Gain # nailsGIVE R# Gain # rocketsGIVE C# Gain # cellsGIVE # Get weapon #KILL Commit suicideNOCLIP Go through walls.NOTARGET Monsters won't attack you unless provoked.MAP ExMy Warp to episode X, mission YSKILL # Sets difficulty level (# = 0-3)IMPULSE 9 All weaponsIMPULSE 11 Display runes (you don't actually get them)IMPULSE 13 Silver keyIMPULSE 14 Gold keyIMPULSE 255 Quad Damage!!!!SV_GRAVITY -50 Reduces gravity by 50%. Replace "-50" with any number.
Hint: To make these codes easier to enter you can bind them to a single key. To do so, enter the console and type bind (any key) "cheat". For example, to bind the cheat for all weapons to the backslash (), type:
bind "impulse 9"
After that, every time you want to get all keys, guns, and ammo, just hit the key, and you've got it.

Quake Nightmare Mode
Go to the episode 4 entrance and enter the water. Now backup against the wall as if trying to go back the other way. Stay there until you fall again. You should land on a big piece of wood. Walk along the side to find another entrance that leads to the Nightmare gate.

Quake Runes
If you look carefully you'll find four runes hidden in the world of Quake. Here's what they do:
Elder Magic: Provides you with 150-250 points of energy and 150 armor.
Black Magic: Your attacks do 3x normal damage.
Hell Magic: Reduces ammo usage.
Earth Magic: Protects you from most damage, but won't save you from quad attacks.

Quake Secret Level
To find The Underearth level you must be in The Crypt of Decay. When you see the exit, go straight back. You should be in a room with boxes and a button on the ceiling. Shoot the button, then jump on the boxes into the secret room. Push the button, then go to the hidden "Well of Wishes." Now look around the walls and a wall will open for you. When you get out, there will be a underwater doorway that leads to the secret level.

Quake Power Up Cheat (with Armor)
This code has been tested with version 1.06.
Beat any episode of Quake and save as much ammo and armor as possible. After you return to the level select screen, save your game and quit out of the game entirely. Now re-enter the game and open that save file. Walk backwards into the teleporter and return to the first telepad (where you start the game.) Go toward the Hard difficultly and fall into the lava.
When you restart, you will respawn with all your health, ammo, armor and weapons! You will lose your rune but that's alright compared to the power you have to enter later episodes.

Quake Feign Death
This is pretty strange and I can't really figure out if it is a secret or a bug but here it is. Type in? "Give health". You die but you are still alive. It looks like you are dead and bad guys can not see you but you can shoot. If your health goes down the slightest you are really dead but until then you aren't. To move, you put god mode on and get your rocket launcher out. Shoot the wall and it will richochet in your favored direction.

Quake Ziggurat Vertigo
In episode 1 at "The Grizzly Grotto", after you hit all quake switches after going up the elevator, doors will open to your left and right. Enter one and hit the switch. Do the same thing again on the other side. It will say "A secret cave has been opened." Go to the water. when you enter, look around. You will see a cave opened where a portal leads you to Ziggurat Vertigo.

Quake Console Commands
To enter these codes, press the Console button (~) and type these codes at the prompt. I believe the numbers are default values, but the submitter wasn't clear on this.
SV_NOSTEP, 0, You cant climb stairsSV_IDEALSTEPSCALE, 0,8, Sets how much you pitch when you walk in stairsSV_AIM, 0,93, ?SV_STOPSPEED, 100, The time it takes to stopSV_FRICTION, 4, Sets frictionSV_GRAVITY, 800, Sets gravity (Great for jumping :-) )SV_MAXSPEED, 320, Limits player maxspeedCL_ROLLANGLE, 2.0 Sets how much you roll when strafing (10 Feels COOL)CL_TICRATE, 0,03, ?CL_YAWSPEED, 140, Sets yaw speedCL_UPSPEED, 200, Sets upbutton speed (Thats also great for jumping :-) )CL_PITCHSPEED, 100, Viewpitch buttons speedCL_ANGLESPEEDKEY, 1,5, Sets yaw speedCL_SHOWNET, 0, ?CL_FORWARDSPEED, 320, Your own speedCL_BACKSPEED, 320, Same but backwardsCL_SIDESPEED, 320, Strifing speedCL_NOLERP, 0, ?CL_MOVESPEEDKEY, 2.0, ?BIND, Sets game keysQUIT, Exits the gameENTITIES, Shows map info ?R_CSHIFT, ?TIMEREFRESH, Shows FPSIMPULSE(1-9), Changes weaponIMPULSE -1, Quad DamagePOINTFILE !Hangs my computer!ALIAS, ?SIZEDOWN, Same as - in play ( Can at some times make a weird zoom )SIZEUP, Same as + in play ( when using parameters )CONNECT, Connects to serverDISCONNECT, Disconnects from serverFOV, ?GAMMA, ?, Sets gamma correctionHOSTNAME, Sets your hostnameNAME, Sets your nameLOOKSPRING, Makes your "freelook" button auto-centerBF, ?NUMCHANNELS, Sets number of sound channels to mixMESSAGEMODE, Starts messagemode ?SAY, Sends messageSOUNDINFO, Shows soundinfoSBINFO, Shows info about Sound BlastersSTOPSOUND, ?SLIST, Shows a list of available serversSIMSOUND, Isolates hardware problems on soundcardSSPEED, Sets play speed SBITS, Sets bits 8 or 16SMONO, Plays all sounds in MONOPLAY, Plays sound at 100% volume PLAYVOL, Plays sound at specified volumeSOUNDLIST, Shows all loaded soundsSAVESND, Saves sound as RAW file Ex: savesnd american/gib.wavNOSOUND, Set to 1 and no sounds will be loadedDECIMATE_SFX, Set to 1 and all sounds will be played at lowest possiblesound rateDECIMATE_SFX_SPEED, Sets the value DECIMATE_SFX will lower sound rate toDECIMATE_SFX_WIDTH, Set to 1 and all sounds will be playes as 8 bit soundsDMASIZE, Sets DMA buffer size (2048,4096,8192,16384,32768 and 65536)VID_DESCRIBECURRENTMODE, Lists the description for the current video modeVID_DESCRIBEMODE, Lists the description for the specified video modeVID_DESCRIBEMODES, Lists descriptions for all available video modesVID_MODE, Sets the display to the specified modeVID_NUMMODES, Reports the total number of modes availableVID_TESTMODE, Tries a video mode for five secondsVID_WAIT, 0: no wait 1: wait for vertical sync 2: wait for display enable R_SPEEDS, Displays drawing speeds R_DRAWFLAT, Draw view as flat-colored polygons or texture-mapped polygonsR_CLEARCOLOR, Change color of dead space outside a mapHOST_SPEEDS, Displays host speedsCOLOR xx, Sets your color in the game to xxFRAGLIMIT, 20, Sets the amount of frags that will end the gameTIMELIMIT, Sets the amount of time the game will last before quitting TEAMPLAY, 0, Sets teamplayPAUSABLE, 0, Sets whether the game will be pausable or notHOST_FRAMERATE, Changes the speed of the game (0 - 0.1)CLEAR, Clears the console bufferCROSSHAIR, 1, on-screen crosshairs (great for targetting)EXEC, Executes a configuration fileSCR_CONSPEED, Sets the consoles scrollspeedSCR_SHOWCACHETRASH, 1, ?SCR_OFSZ, 0, Your view goes higer or lowerSCR_XPARCON, 0, ?SCR_COLORCON, 251, ?R_WAVE, 0, Makes everything wavyR_EDGECOUNT, 0, Counts map things in current viewR_ALIASSTATS, 0, Shows amount of aliases on screenR_SHOWPOLYS, 0, Shows polys - lines are drawn around "linedefs"R_DSPEEDS 0, Shows unknown infoR_FULLBRIGHT, 0, Makes everything bright (Great for dark screens)R_GRAPHHEIGHT, 10, ?HOST_LINEREFRESH, ?

Quake Crypt of Decay mode
This is even harder than the hidden Nightmare skill. To reach it, followthe instructions for the Nightmare difficulty, but when you start down thehallway to the portal before you turn, there will be a wall decoration typething. Shoot this with your shotgun, you will know if you did it becausethe wall will bleed and a message saying you have selected Crypt of Decaymode pops up. Then proceed down the hallway to the portal and choose yourepisode.

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