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Cheat codes for Quake III: Arena

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Quake III: Arena Console Commands
To Access the console commands all you have to do is press the tilde (~)key and type in "/devmap XXXX" where the xx's are you type the name of your map for example "/devmap q3dm16" this will bring up the bouncy map then when you are playing type the following commands to get where you want to and frag who you feel like fragging.
  • /give all----this will give you all guns
  • /god-----Don't die
  • /give quad damage----gives you quad damage
  • /give flight-----gives you flight ability
  • /give invisibility----makes you invisible
  • /give speed-----makes you run faster
  • /give regeneration-----makes you practicly a god
  • /give battle suit----makes you invinsible against lava, drowning, acid and such hazards
  • /give mega health----gives you 100 health over the limit
  • /noclip----makes you fly and go through walls but you cant shoot and bots cant see you
  • /cg_thirdperson 1---thirdperson view

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