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Cheat codes for Radix: Beyond the Void

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Radix: Beyond the Void Cheat Codes
To use these codes, enter any of the words below while playing. These codes work with version 1.1 and 2.0 only.
Code EffectNSE Full EnergyNSBLASTER Rapid Shield Regeneration ToggleNSHORSLEY Rapid Energy Regeneration ToggleNSDIEBESTERDS Weapons Fire FasterNSFRICOFF Air Friction ToggleNSDEATH Death Mode Skill Level

Radix: Beyond the Void Cheats Debug Version
nsbagwan -- Toggle ultra-shields
nsbjipp -- Toggle maneuvering jets
nsblaster -- Toggle rapid shield regeneration
nsdeath -- Death skill level
nsdebug -- Debug mode
nsdiebesterds -- Faster firing for weapons
nse -- Full energy
nsfricoff -- Toggle air friction
nshalt -- Hover at minimum throttle
nshorsley -- Toggle rapid energy regeneration
nsopta -- Full armor, shields, energy, weapons, etc
nsoptl -- Illuminate surfaces
nsoptm -- Show full map

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