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Cheat codes for Rage of Mages

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Rage of Mages Double Your Items
Bring an item you own to the shop box then bring down the same item that isowned by the shop keeper then put the weapon back and that should doublethe amount of item. (the shop is located at Plagot)

Rage of Mages Create Objects
To use this command, enable Cheat mode, then use the command:
#CREATE object
The #CREATE command conceives an object that can be used by the player. Example:
  • #CREATE 20 Gold -- gives character 20 gold pieces
  • #CREATE Very Rare Crystal Plate Boots -- gives character boots

Additional objects:### Gold, where ### is the desired quantityNone CapNone CapeNone CloakNone DressNone GlovesNone HatNone RobeNone ShoesVery Rare Crystal AmuletVery Rare Crystal AxeVery Rare Crystal CuirassVery Rare Crystal MaceVery Rare Crystal Long SwordVery Rare Crystal Morning StarVery Rare Crystal Plate BootsVery Rare Crystal Plate BracersVery Rare Crystal Plate CuirassVery Rare Crystal Plate HelmVery Rare Crystal PikeVery Rare Crystal RingVery Rare Crystal Scale GauntletsVery Rare Crystal Two Handed AxeVery Rare Crystal Two Handed SwordVery Rare Crystal War HammerVery Rare Dragon Leather BootsVery Rare Dragon Leather BracersVery Rare Dragon Leather GauntletsVery Rare Dragon Leather HelmVery Rare Dragon Leather Large ShieldVery Rare Dragon Leather MailVery Rare Dragon Leather Small Shield

Rage of Mages Display Conversations
To use this command, enable Cheat mode, then use the command:
#EVENT unit numberThe #EVENT command shows the conversations within a particular unit.

Rage of Mages Kill Enemies
To use this command, enable Cheat mode, then use the command:
#KILL person(s)
The #KILL command slays the specified person(s). Example:
  • #KILL all -- executes all enemy units
  • #KILL cheaters -- ?

Valid person(s): All, Cheaters.

Rage of Mages Change Character Attributes
Enable cheat mode, then enter the command:
#MODIFY person(s) + attribute
The #MODIFY command causes a person or group to inherit certain attributes. Example:
  • #MODIFY army + god -- makes army invincible
  • #MODIFY self + god -- makes character invincible

Additional attributes include: god, knowledge, spell or spells.

Rage of Mages Summon Items
Enable cheat mode, then enter the command:
#PICKUP item(s)
The #PICKUP command causes the character (or army) to gather the named item. To gather all sacks not possessed by units, use #PICKUP ALL.

Rage of Mages Toggle Onscreen Map
Enable cheat mode, then enter one of these commands:
The #SHOW and #HIDE commands toggle the onscreen map.

Rage of Mages Enable Cheat Mode
To activate cheat mode, press ENTER at the game map, then type #CHICKEN (or #COWARD). Thereafter, enter cheats with #commands during the game.

Rage of Mages Instant Win
Enable cheat mode, then enter the command #VICTORY. The player will automatically win the current round.

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