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Cheat codes for UFO: Aftermath

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UFO: Aftermath Cheat Codes
This requires you to modify a game file. Proceed at your own risk, and make back-ups just in case.

To enable cheat codes, find the "config.cfg" file in the game directory. Open it with Notepad and add the following line:

KEY "cheats" BOOL TRUE

In order to generate the config.cfg file, run the setup and the press OK to close it. If not, this file won't exist.

Save the changes, start the game and enter the following codes in the console window (press SHIFT and TILDE (~) to bring it up):

  • godmode: Keep your squad from dying, but they will still need sickbay time.
  • quickvictory: Instanly win the mission.
  • quickabsolutevictory: Win mission with items recovered.
  • quicklose: Lose the mission.
  • destroyobj: Destroy objects under the cursor.
  • ids: Show squad position number 1-7 (ids 0-6). Works on enemies too.
  • hitpoints: Show health, out of 100%. Also allows you to see enemy health.
  • enemies: Show all the enemies in an area.
  • allplans: Show the path of enemies. Enemies are gray.
  • unitsashidden: Units become see-through.
  • visibility: Show the current visible area by your squad's LOS.
  • heights: Show the terrain level/height, flat or sloping.

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