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Cheat codes for Ultima VI: The False Prophet

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Ultima VI: The False Prophet Door Trick
Ever find yourself at a locked door with no key, no picks, and no kegs? Well here is what to do. First cast "Magical Lock" on the locked door. Then cast "Magical Unlock" on the door. This will not only remove the magic lock, but the normal lock as well. This is a good trick to get into doors.

Ultima VI: The False Prophet Iolo's Cheat
With Iolo in your party, speak to him. Say spam (hit enter) spam (hit enter) spam (again, hit enter) then type humbug. He will then give you access to a secret cheat menu that will allow you to Heal your party, edit your karma, HP, Level, Get you horses, and even an item code. If you hit the number to get an item, it will ask you for the quality and quantity. For quality type 9, you can have as many of the item as you like, even overload your character! There are 500 plus items in the game, so type in random numbers to get items. You can even get weird things like walls and other STRANGE objects.

Ultima VI: The False Prophet Shoplifting
If there is something in a room you can't steal without being caught, do this. Drop any kind of container that from your inventory next to the item you want to steal. Now, move the item into the container. Finally, pick up the container. You now have your desired item in the container in your inventory without being attacked or arrested.

Ultima VI: The False Prophet Armageddon
Talk to a wisp. Say "secret". You should get the armageddon spell. Moveit into your spellbook. Save before casting it!

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