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Cheat codes for Ultima VII: The Black Gate

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Ultima VII: The Black Gate All Items
When the game starts make your way out of town by doing everything right. Then go down to the left corner of the map where the Flying Bird Women are. Kill them, then take the "Dad's" dead body by the nest and go to the city of Britannia. Go to the left side of the city where the two Gargoyles live. Now, take and place the dead body under a tree to the right of the Gargoyles house. Put in sorta to the left of it, but sorta under it. Now, walk on it and you will be transported to a place that has Warps, and everything you need in the game!

Ultima VII: The Black Gate Debug Mode
To enable debug mode, perform the following steps.
1. Get to an MS-DOS prompt.
2. Go to the directory you installed Ultima VII in.
3. Type ULTIMA followed by a single space.
4. Hold ALT and press 2, 5, 5 on the numeric keypad.
5. Press ENTER.
While playing, you can press F2 for the cheat menu and F3 for teleport map. If you press ALT + 4 and you click on a person, the person will drop all the items he/she is carrying.

Ultima VII: The Black Gate Hidden Treasures
Start a new game using the Debug Mode code above. In the first town you appeared in the new game, go to the dead blacksmith's shop (at the bottom left corner of the town) and stack crates outside it so that you can climb to the roof. Once you reached the roof, go to the back of the chimney and you will be teleported to a secret room. You will find 8 suits of magic armor, 2 scythes of death, a juggernaut hammer, a bird (it's a weapon), 2 magic axes, lots of magic rings, a spell book with all the spells, 1000 gold, 100 lockpicks, 100 of each regend, a purple wand, three prisms and a Hoe of Destruction (the most powerful non-magical weapon.)

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