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Cheat codes for Wacky Wheels

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Wacky Wheels Dopefish Cameo
Dopefish is a creature taken from Commander Keen, and can be seen by starting any single player race. When everybody else moves, stand still. Hold down the break, and turn left all the way around until the Dopefish shows up.
Note: the lion that starts the race must remain on the screen the entire time; otherwise, the Dopefish won't appear. You can do this as many times as you like, so long as the lion doesn't leave the screen.

Wacky Wheels Level and Character Select
By using these steps, you can play with the character and on the level shown.
1. Begin a new game
2. Choose your character
3. Choose the amateur level
4. Choose 6 lap race
5. Choose engine speed
6. Choose Bronze Wheels race
7. Escape the game when the race starts
8. Save and Quit
Then, when the demo of the character and race you want starts, stop it and restore your game.

Wacky Wheels Command-line Codes
Enhance your game by starting the game with the command WW followed by one or more of the following options.
Code Effect/2 Double speed/3 Triple speedTURBO Press BREAK & FIRE for a turbo boostJUMP Press BREAK & ACCELERATE to make the car jumpHOG 99 hogsICE 99 iceFIRE 99 fireballsFor example, the command "WW FIRE /3" will give you 99 fireballs and triple-speed.

Wacky Wheels Shareware Codes
This code will let you play as Uno or Sultan in the shareware version.
  1. Choose single player racing
  2. Choose a vehicle
  3. Choose amateur class
  4. Choose six lap race
  5. Choose an engine
  6. Choose bronze wheels race

Now wait for the first race to start, then press ESC, save your game, and quit the race. From here you have two options:

  1. To play as Uno the Panda, choose Ordering Info and wait for the demo to begin. Press ESC and return to the main menu.
  2. To play as Sultan the Camel, let the first demo run and wait for the second demo to begin, then press ESC to return to the main menu. Do not choose Ordering Info.

To finish, choose a single player game and restore your saved game.

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